Sail Away

Like I said yesterday for the Daily Post’s prompt, I have more than 1 favorite quote. Quotes that inspire me. Quotes that I wish I could follow more closely. All of my favorite quotes have the same theme. They’re all related in some way or another to FREEDOM.

Yesterdays was about the freedom of a ship at sea. There’s nothing else like it. You’re out there in your own little world. You have to deal with your fellow shipmates, the ship itself, and the surrounding environment. It really is special.

Today, I’d like to share another favorite. I love this quote by Mark Twain (he used to be a riverboat pilot). It really speaks to me, more and more as I get older and more fearful. Also more aware of time passing by. I’ve been wanting to leave the US and travel the world ever since I went to school with the Oceanics when I was a teenager.

I’ve spent my entire life at sea, trying to have those same kinds of experiences again. But the world at sea has changed SO much since then. They’ve taken all the fun and enjoyment out of it. Now, it’s pretty much just another job.

I still love the time off it offers. It gave me plenty of opportunity to travel on my time off. I did, every chance I got. Whenever I had the money and I wasn’t spending my time off in ‘training’, I would take a trip somewhere.

I started investigating what it would take for me to move overseas and found out that I would not be able to do that until I was old enough to retire (or won the lottery).

I don’t have the resources it would take to start a business, which is actually a good option in a lot of places, but I could not find a single country that would allow me to move there and WORK to support myself for the time it would take to become a citizen. The only option left was to teach English.

So, I started looking into learning how to teach English. I was never really very serious about it. I was still able to work offshore and the pay differential is just HUGE. I was able to earn more in 1 day at sea than I would earn as a teacher in a month (or even 2 months)!

So, I continued working and traveling when I could on my time off. Too fearful to take the plunge and just GO. I would never have hesitated when I was younger. I knew then (and I know now) that I could find something to do that would allow me to travel and spend time in a place I liked. Back then, I would never have let worries about not having a work visa stop me from taking whatever opportunities offered.

I know there are people all over the world working under the table as bartenders, waiters, baby-sitters, time-share salesmen, etc. I know I could do a lot of those jobs too. But I’ve been letting my fears stop me from doing anything about my desire to get out of here!

I hate the idea of being forced to give up my chosen livelihood. I really still love working at sea, sailing for a living. I don’t want to give it up and never would have by choice.

So I guess it’s a good thing for me that the price of oil is so low that there is no hope of work for the foreseeable future. If there was, I would still be sitting here at home, spending most of my time applying for non-existent jobs and hoping for a phone call.

Since I finally admitted to myself that there IS no hope, I could finally force myself into signing up for the TEFL course and probably even spending some time afterwards in a foreign country.

I am still fearful, nervous and depressed, but I’m throwing off those lines anyway. 🙂

This is also a post for the Just Jot It January challenge. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sail Away

  1. My son cam out of college during the recession and couldn’t find work. He took the TEFL course and was able to find employment in China. Not his first choice but the low cost of living has allowed him to save money. Even though the same wages in the US are not enough to live on.
    Good luck on your new journey!

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    • Thanks for the well wishes and congrats to your son. I hear Asia is the place to be for TEFL teachers.
      I’m trying to stay close to home in case someone calls me for a job offshore. It’s only 2.5 hr flt to Houston from Puerta Vallarta. After class, I can make a quick trip back here if anything else comes up. It takes a couple of days to fly to Asia!And exhausted on arrival.
      No way I can afford to live in the US on TEFL wages either, or even pay my bills here. If I don’t get back offshore, I’m going to have to sell some property and rent out my house. I could use a couple of room-mates right now!
      I figure if I do the TEFL at least I will be learning something new and doing something useful. Maybe I will really love it? I am looking forward to being able to live in another country and see what it’s really like.
      I need to be back here in the Fall to take care of all my US Coast Guard documents. It will take me a couple of months to get them everything they’ll need so I can renew my license to work. After that, if there’s STILL no work offshore, I’ll probably head to Asia to teach too.

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  2. It’s funny how we forget our own deeply held values until we get in a hole. They say you can really tell who someone is after a crisis. Maybe this will bring you closer to who you truly are and what most matters to you! Good luck.

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