The Just Jot it January challenge is almost over. Only 1 more day!

That’s a good thing, cause I’m leaving early Monday morning. I’ll be in school for a month in Mexico. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to spend online (and I’m sure I won’t be wanting to spend much!).

Today’s prompt is: SoCS – “an” as a word or at the beginning of a word


That’s my “an” word. I’m a libertarian. I thoroughly believe that each and every person on this planet owns their own life and should be able to do everything and anything they want (as long as they don’t hurt anybody else), and they will take the consequences of their choices. I believe in the absolute MINIMUM government possible.

That really ought to be possible, and a good way to run a society. In fact, the United States was founded on that principle. The country was set up to have an EXTREMELY LIMITED government. There are only about 8 things that the US government is authorized to do! EIGHT! Yes, that is true.

Read Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. There it is, right there in black and white.

So, how in the HELL did we get from that to the situation we have today, where we have millions of “laws”. “Laws” that restrict and regulate every tiny little detail of our lives? Adding thousands more EVERY SINGLE DAY! Almost every one of them in violation of the Constitution which IS the SUPREME law of the land!

Every time I get into a political discussion and bring up my distrust and skepticism of the government, how it has grown into a tyrannic police state, people bring up Somalia.

They seem to think limited government is the same thing as NO government, which it is not. They also seem to think that the situation in Somalia is due to anarchy. It is not.

I am not an anarchist. Although the more I learn about it, the closer I come. Probably just because the more I learn about government, the more I am against it. I read a lot of history (also philosophy). I can’t imagine how anarchy could possibly be any worse than government. At least then, people wouldn’t expect the people they pay to take care of them to continually abuse them. Maybe they would actually fight back and take control of their own lives again.

Maybe governments might start out decent, but eventually the concentration of power completely corrupts them. They just get worse and worse until the people finally have enough and revolt. They abuse people basically at will. They supposedly have the monopoly of the use of force, but they use it against their own populations and the people can’t fight back. They control the education (propaganda) and teach the people that they SHOULD bow down to ‘the authorities’. How in the HELL is that a good thing?

I’ll never understand why so many people seem to think they DON’T have the right to live their lives the way they choose, that they somehow OWE their lives to some supposed ‘authority’. That just because they happened to be born on one particular spot on this planet, they owe their entire lives to whoever happens to take power in that locale. They bust their asses every day just to survive and their leaders steal whatever they feel like and they’re supposed to be thankful that they don’t steal even more. That just makes NO sense to me.

I better stop now.

7 thoughts on “Anarchy

  1. By your definition, the constitution was written by and for Libertarians. I can go along with that. I will try to keep this brief but it is a truly convoluted subject. There are several answers to how we have arrived where we are from where we started. One is definition creep. The SCOTUS willingly interprets the letter of the constitution using word definitions as they are now rather than as they were back then. An example is the word “regulate” in interstate commerce. Back then it simply meant to make equal, not to control through statutes and regulations. The amount of land to be held by the feds, and its purposes is clearly spelled out in the enumerated powers and does not include anything else that the BLM is in charge of. The Louisiana Purchase was not constitutional and Jefferson freely admitted it. But it was done “for the good of the country” and was a popular move so no one fought against it. That same mantra is used to justify all the exrtra-constitutional land holdings by the federal government. It might be time for the several states to test federal land ownership in court, not in individual cases but as a constitutional principle. I could go on at great length but this is a good stopping place. Thanks for the post,

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    • Thanks for the reply. You’re right, it is complicated. I agree with all you said.
      What really gets me is how they use the ‘general welfare’ clause now. Like the founders actually were talking about the kind of welfare we have now.
      I remember hearing about a court case years ago when I was in school, where there was someone- an old lady, a widow maybe- who was in there pleading for some help from the government. The thing that stuck out was that they ended up saying that no matter how well deserved it was, or how much they felt like helping her-they could NOT. The law did not allow for that.
      I wish I could remember the case. I actually tried to google it, but didn’t find it, ran out of time and gave up. I sure would like to be able to quote that to certain people.
      So, I’m off to Mexico early in the morning and not sure how much time I’ll be spending online while I’m in class down there. I’ll do my best to keep posting interesting stuff, but I probably won’t be doing a post every day like during this JusJoJan challenge. I’m glad it’s over tonight!

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  2. Great thoughts. I lean toward libertarianism although I am more fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Do you think the U.S. has any chance of becoming a true libertarian society, especially with the popularity of candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

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    • Thanks Don.
      It’s funny you said that about yourself, that’s pretty much the way the LP describes libertarianism.
      I really don’t have much hope for the US. I think the people are just not into freedom any more. They all want ‘free stuff’ and they like to tell other people what to do, but they just don’t like it when that gets turned around.
      I really wonder what has happened to the American spirit? How did so many people become so totally against real freedom? Is it really the flouride dumbing us down? Personally, I blame a lot of it on the public education. That and TV.
      I was lucky that I never did watch much TV, and even from the start I was a skeptic, picking apart the commercials with my little brother. Also escaped the public schools a couple years early so that probably helped too. 😉

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