Previous Port Calls

After the Zero to Hero Challenge challenged me, I got back on this project and finally managed to make it work. I ran out of time again so had to stop posting places I’ve been. I left off most of the places I’ve been to in North America, all of Europe and the Middle East. I’ll get back to it later.

I previewed this page and so far, I have been able to manipulate the map. I can move it around and I can zoom in and out.

I have a long list of places I haven’t been yet and would like to visit one day. If anyone has any suggestions for interesting places to go, things to do, etc, please let me know in a comment! I hope to do a lot more traveling before I’m done. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Previous Port Calls

    • Hi, sorry I totally missed your comment! Nope, haven’t seen either of those places in Ireland. Closest I’ve been was around the Dingle Peninsula, it was fantastic, we rode bicycles around from Dingle.
      Glad you like the map. I haven’t been keeping up with it lately. Too busy to spend much time online and blog is losing out because of it.


  1. I knew your father BillI knew your father do in Madeira Beach helped on the island girls sailed up and down the coast with him just had a great time back in the seventy’s I have got to be pretty good friends with him lived in one of his cabins there on Madeira. My name is Mark Jackson I remember you and your brother just thought I’d search for pictures of Island Girl to show my family and friends.

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    • Hi Mark,
      Nice to hear from you. Wow, that brings up memories. I wish I could picture you, I’m sure I must have at least seen you around.
      I thought it was really sad how the city hounded my dad for so many years about his boat and his property there. It used to be such a nice place when I was growing up there. A real community. I think they totally ruined the place when thy built the new bridge and started with all those condos.
      Funny, I just talked to Tod last night. He left me a message while I was at work and we finally got connected. He’s still living on the beach. Do you still live around there?
      If you didn’t find any good pictures of the Island Giril, let me know and I’ll do another post (with pictures). I’m SO sad she sunk. The guys who bought her from me moved her to the local lake (Mammoth Lake) where the SCUBA divers can play around with the boat (and lots of other cool stuff).


  2. A few places that were high on my list of favourite ports are:
    – Meddy Cruising with Rhodes Island and Dubrovnik my favourites. The history and scenery in each port is special, they just stood out for me.
    – Easter Island, weather makes it a challenge and it is a tender port
    – Apia, only been once when I was still a cadet and couldn’t go ashore. Looked amazing, have always wanted to return.
    – Panama Canal, your map does show an visit. I’ve done 20+ transits, both working and a pax and am still one of the first up.
    – Atlantic Canada in the Fall
    – Iceland, rather expensive, but just a beautiful country with really nice people.

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    • Thanks for visiting (I’m actually checking out your blog at the moment). Do you work at sea? All those Panama Canal transits?
      I’ve never actually been through there , only the Suez Canal a few times back and forth.
      All of your highlights sound really wonderful. I haven’t been to any of those yet.
      My #1 priority at the moment is to cruise to Antarctica (before they make it off limits for tourists). I’d LOVE to go on that “Bark Europa”!
      I would like to cruise the med, a pleasure cruise this time, and see Dubrovnik, sail around the coasts of Turkey and Greece. Spend some time in Italy and France.
      I have so many places I still want to see, I just can’t figure out how to do it at this point. If you’re ever looking for crew, sign me on!! 🙂


      • As a Brit, I started with the P&O Group as a Deck Cadet, being offered a 3rd Officer position with Passenger Division when I got 2MFG. I worked on P&O/Princess Ships until a year after we were married.

        Preferring the home life I switched to the local ferry company serving 27 years as Master and Senior Master. Also ran a shipyard for a few years and spent my last few years working for the VP, mentoring new Masters, developing a new ISM Ops Procedures and getting a few days as Master each year.

        Now happily retired and both my medical and certificate have expired, so no desire to return.

        I would really suggest checking out yacht, so money is good and lots of work available. Our son only waited 3 months after leaving Dubai and could have had work sooner, if he was interested in smaller yachts with horrible shift schedule.

        Good luck getting a new job. Personally, with the current standard of international crews and officers, I would never consider accepting a Masters position on a Merchant Vessel, unless it was UK or other reputable flag.

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      • I know what you mean about not going back. If I could afford it, I would retire too! I don’t like sailing master, I prefer 2nd officer, but at this point I’d take an AB job.
        I will look into the yachts. Thanks for that.If you know of any reputable crewing agencies, I’d appreciate the info. A lot of them are pure scams.


      • I thoroughly enjoyed the Master’s position, I just don’t tolerate fools and incompetence, which these days is prevalent in Junior Officers and unfortunately even Senior Officers. If I went deep sea these days I would probably be firing most of them within a day or two.

        Send me an email to and I will forward to my son, to hopefully respond with some reputable agencies.

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      • Ha! You would have loved seeing some of the ships I’ve sailed! Once, we were preparing to move for a hurricane. I asked for the charts to see where to go, the bridge team was like, “what charts?”. All they had on board was 410 (the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico)! Not supposed to be used for navigation and totally useless! They didn’t want to turn out the lights at night, saw no need for a lookout. They just about drove me crazy!
        My main problem with sailing master is that the company is really the one running everything from the office. They make all the important decisions and yet YOU are the one with all the responsibility. If you don’t like it, they just tell you to take a hike! Did you hear about the El Faro? I’m pretty sure that was one of those cases.
        I figure I can enjoy my life at sea a lot more as second, a lot less stress for sure!
        Thank you, I will send you an email tomorrow. I appreciate your help!


    • I would LOVE to visit New Zealand! It’s been on my bucket list for years (even before seeing the Lord of the Rings movies). I was even looking into trying to emigrate there for a while (but didn’t think I’d be able to find work or afford to stay for long).
      I saw your post on linkedin about staying in the industry. You got that right!
      I’ll check out your blog.
      Thanks for the invite, I’ll be sure to get in touch if I ever do get over there. If you ever get to Texas, we’ll have to get together.


  3. Hey Jill, All things are possible. Don’t give up hope.
    Yes its a tough world this maritime world. Will keep in touch through our blogs/posts.
    Be great to meet up although Norway is on my list of places to go next.
    Maybe meet you there in June/July 2018? Have you been there?
    Regards, Carol

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