Color Your World: 13 Orange

I’ve been enjoying Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge. Everyone has been coming up with some great posts. I’ve been busy the last couple of days, so skipped out. I’m back today for the color orange.

I was on vacation in Argentina a few years ago. We went out one day to watch the toninos (they also call them pandas of the sea). We passed this fleet of orange fishing boats on the way.


3 thoughts on “Color Your World: 13 Orange

  1. Nice photo. 🙂

    Was just reading about the frustrations you’ve been having. The thing about everyone being “safe” all the time reminded me of the recent headline with the lady who died from a superbug that antibiotics could not handle. I think we are not going to be able to stop every possible contamination or threat out there. It’s just not possible.

    By the way, I saw this and thought it was pretty and felt I would share with you:

    Good luck with everyone!

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    • Thanks Tiffany,
      I really love that video, makes me feel right at home (and miss the ocean even more).
      I totally agree with you that we are never going to be able to eliminate all risks, or be perfectly safe. I feel like we are making ourselves more vulnerable to having bad outcomes due to not being prepared, not building up our defenses.
      We were talking a little bit about that sort of thing tonight at the political meeting I go to on Tuesdays. How so many people are just incapable of doing so many things we all grew up doing every day. Not to mention the huge increase in physical problems.
      As for the ‘safety’ job. I decided I would rather starve than take that job (especially since they grade you on ‘attitude’- I knew I would fail from day 1). I’m just not going to lower my standards to that extent.
      I do still have a few resources and hopefully the oilfield will come back before I’m totally bankrupt. I’ll be advertising for another room mate next week. I don’t especially want to do that, but it sure does help with the bills. I just get so nervous about leaving them here alone when I’m gone for weeks or months. I’d hate to come home to see my house trashed and everything gone. I was lucky with the last one, he turned out to be trustworthy. Too bad he lost his job too and had to move out of town to find work.


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