Just Jot It Jan: 4 Spangly

For the ongoing challenge for Just Jot It January, todays prompt is: spangly.

1. a small, thin, often circular piece of glittering metal or other material,used especially for decorating garments.
2. any small, bright drop, object, spot, or the like.
verb (used with object)spangled, spangling.
3. to decorate with spangles.
4. to sprinkle or stud with small, bright pieces, objects, spots, etc.
verb (used without object)spangled, spangling.
5. to glitter with or like spangles.
6. spangly- adjective

I came up with this photo. I took it at the Brazoria County Fair. An amusement park ride. Starship 2000, all ‘spangly’ with flashing and colored lights. 🙂

What can you come up with?