Kids Love “land shrimp”?

In which I feed my children “land shrimp” | Grist.

I see this more and more. Media promoting bug eating as a great idea to save the planet.

Yeah, if we’ll all just substitute a few giant roaches, beetles, or crickets instead of a nice juicy rib-eye, we can reverse climate change, save more wilderness, feed the starving children and as a bonus we would even lose a few pounds!

I suppose if I had nothing else to eat, for a loooong time, I would eventually eat the bugs. It’s just the whole idea of it that makes me squirmy. And I really don’t like the insinuation that we all really ought to switch to bugs over steaks, to lower our standards of living, to help ‘save the planet’.

Why the hell can’t we seriously discuss limiting the human population for a change. Just get people to use birth control for a while! Try something that would be GOOD for everyone here already AND the planet, AND would actually help!

I’ve tried them (bugs) before. Would you do it?

What do you think about lowering your living standards so that we can just keep on having more and more people live on the earth (and nothing else)? Do you think it’s a better idea to try and get everyone here already to ‘live light’ (eating bugs, no cars, serious restrictions on ALL energy use, etc), or get the people here already to limit their childbearing so that eventually we can reduce the human population so that everyone here can have a GOOD life, and still have room for wilderness and all the other creatures that depend on it?

Me? I’m 100% for the birth control!


10 thoughts on “Kids Love “land shrimp”?

  1. Birth control, and limiting population growth makes such perfect sense, the climate change whores would never think of it. Personally, I’d gladly hand out the birth control, and keep the steak.

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    • Yeah, me too Penny. I wonder why so many people are so against the idea. They won’t ever even discuss it. They make China out to be the ‘evil empire’ for their 1 child policy (I do NOT agree with their use of force, they should have been able to convince almost everyone by persuesion), but thank goodness they did do it. I wish the church would stop encouraging people to just keep on like we’re still living in the time of Adam and Eve when we had a completely empty planet to fill up with people! Governments should be encouraging people to NOT have kids, adopt the ones here already and stop subsidizing people to have MORE kids! It just stuns me that insurance companies will cover multiple tries at artificial insemination when there are so many things they don’t cover at all. I think if you want to go that route, you should have to cover the costs yourself!


  2. Birth control. Ads in TV wanting pity for this starving child and her starving brothers and sisters at home so weak from hunger. I’ll be more apt to send $ when they get spayed and neutered. They could grow up without being held back by the vicious cycle. It could be done so it could be reversible once they were adults with good education and jobs.

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    • I agree Bonnie, I think it would be very possible to do it where it would be voluntarily acceptable by almost everyone IF we had the right incentives and got the religion out of the mix. I heard even the pope said something lately that people don’t need to keep on breeding like rabbits any more! I was amazed!! I went to a catholic university (I’m NOT catholic) and they gave me an F for disagreeing with the popes (a different one) position on birth control.
      I just think it would be SO much better if everyone who is here was able to live a GOOD life. Not starving, not working themselves to death for a couple of dollars a day. I mean a GOOD life. I just don’t see how that could be possible without limiting the huge numbers of people using up the resources and destroying the planet while they’re at it.


      • same here, at least I have an ‘excuse’, I’m working offshore most of the time (no kids allowed) and traveling the rest of the time. I never really wanted any kids of my own after I got stuck taking care of my baby sister for years.
        I always figured if I really wanted one, I could adopt one (at least a couple of years old). When I don’t want to be at sea anymore, maybe then I could take care of a kid, at the moment, I have a hell of a time even keeping my plants alive. 😉

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