Meet the Adorable “Sea Bunny” Taking Over the Internet

I started a series I was calling ‘Wild Wednesdays’ a while back. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to look for any interesting creatures to post about there. This one just popped up in my email one day recently and I thought- how perfect for a Wild Wednesday post! Too bad I’ve been too busy to make the post on Wednesday.

Not actually getting anything done, but busy as hell regardless. So, it’s late but I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s cute. 😉 Despite its cute and cuddly appearance, this little sea creature is actually a kind of slug.

Source: Meet the Adorable “Sea Bunny” Taking Over the Internet


14 thoughts on “Meet the Adorable “Sea Bunny” Taking Over the Internet

      • Glad to hear that you’re working. I wish I was too.
        I came back from school in March for a job. The job never materialized. I just came back from a couple weeks work as a deckhand, first real work I’ve had since I got laid off last September.
        Been busy as hell but not really getting anything done!

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      • Hey Hakuna Matata Dave! I forgot all about Thanksgiving over here, no one pays any attention to it here. It’s kind of nice, being away from home for the holidays. I don’t like all the constant reminders of it everywhere. Makes me feel like I should be spending money (which I don’t want to do).
        I hope you had a good time with your family for Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too
        much turkey. 😉

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