Songs of the Sea: Only the Ocean

I’m not really a surfer like the girl in this video, but I do love the ocean. I grew up on the west coast of Florida where there was never much surf to play in. I’ve tried a few times, and had a good time, but was never able to stay upright for more than a few seconds.

I love the water. I spend so much of my time out on the ocean. I work out there (as much as possible), I sail for fun, I love to snorkel and SCUBA dive. I would love to move somewhere close to the beach again.

Closer than I live now. Somewhere like where I grew up. Where I didn’t need a car to go anywhere I needed or wanted to go. One day I’d love to find a funky little beach town full of fishermen and sailors. Someplace they don’t care how long your grass grows, or what color you paint your house. I’d love to have a little beach bar/restaurant where people can just be themselves.

Someplace people could hang out and have a good time. A place to listen to good music, have a drink, eat something cheap and tasty, meet old friends and make new ones.

“Only The Ocean” by Jack Johnson

After all this time
After all of these season
After your own decision to go to the water for a reason
It’s only the ocean and you
And all of this lines
Will all be erased soon
They go out with the tide
And come back with the waves
It’s only the ocean and you

You don’t want
You don’t wait
You don’t love but you don’t hate
You just roll over me
And you pull me in

And this work is done
And this cold is dry
When this world’s too much
It will be only the ocean and me
When these sails go up
Mountanis fade away
Stars come back
I’m finally free
It’s only the ocean and me

You don’t want
You don’t wait
You don’t love but you don’t hate
You just roll over me
And you pull me in
And you pull me in

You don’t want
You don’t wait
You don’t love but you don’t hate
You just roll right over me
And you pull me in

And you pull me in…

You just roll over me
And you pull me in


How to Make a Bucket List

I got an email today from Caz at I’ve been following for a while. It’s a very interesting and inspiring blog. Her email today about how she wound up with free tickets to watch a surfing event she really wanted to see was pretty cool. Here’s what she had to say…

…It sounded so exotic and fun and I made the decision that is was something I was one day going to do.

It made my bucket list and I just put it away.

When we moved to Burleigh, I knew we’d be here when the Quiksilver Pro was on at Snapper Rocks – my favourite spot along the East Coast of Australia (sunsets here are magical).

Bucket list done. We made the decision to head down to the rocks and jostle for space among the crowds to watch. I was committed and fully immersed in the joy the ocean and surfing brings me.

Then, on Friday Woody, one of my best friends and part of our old surfie crowd – someone who I’ve checked off a lot of bucket list moments with, and who makes me laugh so much – phoned to say she had VIP tickets to the Quikky Pro and if I wanted to go with her!!

I train my Money Cleansers to not look at the world through the eyes of co-incidence, but magic and the miracle of possibilities. These tickets arrived on the day we happened to be in town, in between two trips away. The comp finished early so we wouldn’t have made it at all otherwise, even on the rocks.

And they came only a few days after I announced in this update sharing Kathmandu’s competition that if I could take one trip with a friend, I’d hike Maccu Piccu with Woody because travel has been at the core of our friendship, we laugh so much together, and afterwards there’d be many drinks to celebrate.

Well, we didn’t get Maccu Piccu, but we got front row seats high above the waves at my dream event. We got to see our two fave Aussie chick surfers (sadly the men were cancelled – No Kelly or Mick Fanning!), we had Coronas flowing all day, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. (Photos on Instagram)…

I think a lot of what she had to say makes sense. She says it works for her. It goes along with what my stepmother Irene always insisted on (and it worked for her too). When I would worry about all the things that could go wrong, she would tell me “don’t worry- the universe is in divine order.”

It definitely worked for her. She always did pretty much whatever she wanted. I remember she was so excited to go skydiving for her 70th birthday. 🙂

I’ve never made a formal bucket list. I have so many things I still want to do, the list would go on forever! Here are just a few of the things I would put on mine (if I had one). In no particular order…hike Mt Kilimanjaro, cruise to Antarctica, African safari, explore India, play piano well, play saxophone well, SCUBA dive Yap, sail around the world, volunteer with Cross Cultural Solutions, volunteer with Earthwatch, write a book, sing in a band, learn to play the fiddle, cruise the inland passage to Alaska, see the Northern lights, ski the Alps, sail the Bark Europa (they spelled barque wrong!), sail the Picton Castle, learn to speak Spanish well, …, find a home base where I can live free! Get the idea? It’s really, reeeeaaally long!

Do you already have a bucket list? What’s on it? If you don’t have one already and want to make one, this is how to do it according to Caz…

  • Dream
  • Write it out
  • Commit to it
  • Immerse yourself in the joy and love of it
  • Take some sort of action
  • Let go of control
  • Allow for the miracle of possibilities

Sunday Surfday

We’ve all been looking forward to our excursion to Sayulita and Nahui. We took off at around 1030 this morning, it took around an hour to get to Sayulita.

It’s a funky looking little town, with narrow winding cobblestone streets. Brightly colored 2-3 story houses line the roads. Shops selling clothes, jewelry, crafts, tourist and surfing stuff seemed to be the majority of things to see. There were plenty of bars, restaurants and coffee shops around too.

In the square, they had set up a market with local artists selling their wares. This was the most interesting to me. They were teaching a bunch of little girls how to weave, and they even had a yoga session for the kids. That was fun to watch. 🙂

The beach was very crowded and full of surfers. It looked like a good place to learn to surf and I guess it must be, since I saw at least 3 different surf schools in the 10 minutes I spent on the beach!

Sayulita seems like a cool little town, but I think a little too crowded for me, and for sure too touristy! I had enough of that in Florida.

So, we piled back into the car and headed to Nahui. It was a nice drive through forested mountains, catching glimpses of the blue-green ocean every few minutes. We arrived to a full parking lot and I was wondering what happened to the nice, quiet isolated beach we were hoping for?

The view from the edge of the cliff behind the parking lot was stunning. The ocean was clear all the way to Tahiti! You could see the mountains lining the bay far off in the distance and a couple of islands way offshore. A few sailboats were out enjoying the beautiful weather offshore.

We found the stairs (thank god) and wandered down the beach til we found a good spot up near the rocky cliffs to camp out.

The water was cold at first but after a minute it was perfect. The waves were a lot bigger than I was used to. We just don’t get large waves in the Gulf of Mexico (except when there’s a hurricane coming close). The waves stirred up a lot of sand and there really wasn’t any calm water til you got out past where the waves started breaking.

I never did manage that. I got washed around pretty good for a while. Gave it up and took a break. The sun started getting to me so I went back in the water for a while. It was OK if I stayed close to shore.

As the afternoon was ending, we were all pretty beat and ready to head back home. I was nodding asleep in the car til we would hit a sleeping policeman going a little too fast. Whoa! That’ll wake you up!

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