It IS Easy Being Green

For the¬†Daily Post’s Photo Challenge, I thought I would pick some photos showing how easy it really is to be green. At least for these guys. ūüėČ


Hope you like the photos! Check out the¬†link to the challenge¬†to see what everybody else is posting (and join in if you want). ūüôā

Travel Theme: Turquoise

I found a new photography challenge. This week I’m joining in with Ailsa on her Where’s My Backpack Blog. Everyone’s free to join in, click the link¬†here¬†for the details. This week’s travel theme is: turquoise. One of my favorite colors, especially when I see it on the water.

Here are a few of my recent photos with turquoise…

This first batch is from Turkey. I spent a couple of weeks between Istanbul and Cappadocia. They make beautiful pottery (and carpets).

This next batch is from¬†Zanzibar. After Istanbul, I flew to Tanzania for a photography safari and then on to Zanzibar to relax. It was so beautiful there, I could have stayed there forever. ūüôā

But, I had to come home. These last few are from closer to home. If you click on the snapshot, you can see more about it.

Do you like turquoise too? See any on your travels? Check out the challenge. ūüôā

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Light Greens

I always love Cee’s photo challenges. She comes up with so many great ideas. She has a couple of challenges going all the time. I joined in last week (purples). Another cool thing she does is ‘feature’ some of her favorite entries. She featured my purples. ūüôā

This week’s challenge is ‘light greens‘. Here are some of mine.

A green sea anemone.

A green tree python.

And this little guy- a green chameleon (I love these guys).

Click the link and join the fun!


Here’s a picture for the Daily Posts’ Photo Challenge.

I took it a few years ago on an Irish Beach. I thought the patterns the flowing water made through the sand were really interesting.

Yeah, I know I’m weird. ūüėČ

A Word A Week Challenge: Delicate

Here’s my entry for the Word A Week Challenge: Delicate. I looked through my photos to find a few good examples of delicate things.

If you want to see the rest of the entries, check out Sue @ A Word in Your Ear and her weekly challenges. She has some gorgeous photography on her blog. The people who join in are pretty good too. ūüôā

fern fronds


ornaments fine china mounted butterflies blossoms ornaments delicate flowers IMG_1263 IMG_1319

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

I haven’t done much with these photo challenges lately. I do really enjoy them. Looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to come up with something to fit the theme.

This one is from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Here’s the link in case you want to get in on it…¬†

This one is easy for me. Water. It should be easy for me. I have so many photos of water in all its various forms, it’s really hard for me to pick out a few real good ones. ūüôā

But, I did manage. Here you go…

out on the water

out on the water

no waves on this beach!

no waves on this beach!

water makes patterns in the sand

water makes patterns in the sand

water sprays in Singapore

water sprays in Singapore




beautiful beach Riviera Maya

beautiful beach Riviera Maya

water from the air

water from the air


water (vapor-c;louds) in the air

water- 3 kinds- clouds, rainbow, ocean

water- 3 kinds- clouds, rainbow, ocean

Those were a few of my favorites. I hope you like them too. ūüôā