Maritime Monday for July 24th 2017: Slippery Sailors

Looks like another week of interesting maritime news courtesy of Monkey Fist and gCaptain. I haven’t been able to read it all due to lack of decent internet access out here on the boat this week. I can’t complain. I’m SO happy to have work- finally! Even if it’s only for a week or 2.

I hope you enjoy the news. Please comment with your favorites. Let me know what you liked and why. It should make for some good discussions later on. 🙂

Viking longboats on the Thames Oscar Adolf Wisting (6 June 1871 – 5 December 1936) was a Norwegian Naval officer and polar explorer. Together with Roald Amundsen he was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles. In later years Oscar Wisting was an active force behind the preparations and building of […]

Source: Maritime Monday for July 24th, 2017: Slippery Sailors – gCaptain


Maritime McMondayface or, a Tempest in a Teapot

More really cool stuff from Monkey Fist….

Shakespeare’s Ships Keep Plots Afloat Were it not for the intervention of pirates, Hamlet would have ended up in England with his neck on a chopping block, and Claudius would have reigned unchallenged as King of Denmark. Ships are important turning points, or plot catalysts, in many of Shakespeare plays. Rather than mere vessels of […]

Source: Maritime McMondayface or, a Tempest in a Teapot – gCaptain


Video: Prelude FLNG Float Out

Prelude FLNG Float Out – Time Lapse Video | gCaptain

Check out this video from gCaptain of Shells Prelude FLNG (floating liquefied natural gas) plant. It was built in the shipyard in Geoje, South Korea and will be headed to work in the Prelude gas fields in Western Australia. Interesting vessel! 🙂

It took a little over a year to build and they’re not expecting it to be operational until 2017. So far, they’re saying it’ll cost around $12 BILLION to build it! Expecting it to work for 25 years, that’s still a LOT of money! Personally, if I had a billion dollars to spend, I would want something to last longer than only 25 years!

People are always griping about how expensive gas is. This kind of cost for the equipment they need to get the basic resource out of the ground is PART of the reason for that.

I thought it was a pretty cool video and the ship itself is another milestone as far as what we are doing offshore around the world. Check out the link and the video! 🙂