Just Jot It Jan: 10 Danger

First thing I thought of when I saw todays prompt (danger) for Linda’s Just Jot It January challenge was the robot on the old TV series “Lost In Space“. I used to watch that show after school in the afternoons and always got a kick when the old robot would freak out. It kept repeating “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!” while madly waving it’s ‘arms’ around and spinning it’s little ‘head’. 🙂

But I really wanted to make a few comments on the perception of ‘danger’, of what’s dangerous, and how much it’s changed since I was a kid watching that show.

For example: just being kids. We used to stay out all day long. No cell phones. Nobody thought twice about not being able to contact us every minute of the day. We rode our bikes or skateboards everywhere (without helmets). No one thought that was OMG sooooooo dangerous! We were allowed to run around by ourselves, without an adult, even outside of our own yards and nobody ever considered calling the cops. We were ALL ‘free range kids’ back then and nobody had a problem with it.

We drank plain old tap water, sometimes even out of the hose in the backyard. Nobody worried about ‘germs’. Cooties, maybe (but you didn’t get those from the water). Nobody died from the lack of expensive bottled water.

I’m only going to list these few examples. I could go on for hours! I just don’t understand WHY the perception of ‘danger’ has changed to the HUGE amount that it has. I think the attitude of so many people today is just absolutely ridiculous! The risks today are NOT that different! None of us was really harmed by ANY of that stuff we did as kids. All of which could get parents hauled off to jail today (or at least dragged into court). It’s happened!

WTF is wrong with people these days? Why does everyone consider all those things suddenly so dangerous? We all survived our childhoods just fine. What exactly is the problem?

Why are we, here in America (especially), changing from a country where people once came and put up with real hardships, real dangers (wolves, bears, indian attacks, blizzards, tornados, etc), into a country where we insist that we must be 100% perfectly safe at all times, in all circumstances? And if we find the slightest little risk, we must strive to eliminate it from all possibilities of it ever happening?

And if, by some ‘miracle’ after all we’ve done to prevent it, something actually does happen, then we have to sue the shit out of everyone remotely involved?

What does this kind of atmosphere do to people? How, exactly is it helping us? By turning us all into whiny little babies, screaming for big brother to come and take care of us- to protect us from all conceivable harm?

How is that helping us live our lives as responsible human beings?

Why in the world would anyone choose to live that way? Personally, I don’t consider that kind of existence to be ‘living’. What a drab, dull, desolate and dreary existence. 😦

As a libertarian, I have to say, let people who want to waste their lives trying to avoid all ‘danger’ do what they think they can with their own lives. But, I wish to hell they would stop trying to force the rest of us into their narrow little mindsets!

Ben Franklin said it best…

Just Jot It Jan: 8 Mongrel

I skipped out on the last JusJoJan prompt (for the 6th- Tangible). I still don’t really have anything to say about it, so I’ll just start up with something for today’s prompt- mongrel.

1. a dog of mixed or indeterminate breed.
2. any animal or plant resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties.
3. any cross between different things, especially if inharmonious or indiscriminate.
4. of mixed breed, nature, or origin; of or like a mongrel.
If I had any pictures of old pets, I would post them here. Our family was always partial to mutts. We had pets of all kinds over the years, but I don’t think we ever had a purebred anything. I haven’t been able to keep a dog for years. Or pets of any kind really. Not even plants lately.
Since I’ve been working at sea, I haven’t been able to keep anything alive while I’m gone. No dogs, cats, fish, plants. They’re all dead or gone by the time I come home.
I’ve been out of work for more than a year now. I could have picked up a pet of some sort by now. A mongrel dog or cat would be just fine. I would love to have another dog, or cat. But since I’m still hopeful of finding work at some point, I haven’t done it. It wouldn’t be fair to the dog, cat’s don’t seem to mind quite so much. 😉
My best friend finally got herself another dog after years without. Just to keep her company I think. It was a mongrel. She thinks is was part lab and part blue heeler, but of course not sure. She got it from the pound.
Sad to say, she had to take it back. It freaked out when someone came to the door and she was worried it would hurt someone. She wouldn’t be able to stop it. She still misses it.

Just Jot It Jan: 4 Spangly

For the ongoing challenge for Just Jot It January, todays prompt is: spangly.

1. a small, thin, often circular piece of glittering metal or other material,used especially for decorating garments.
2. any small, bright drop, object, spot, or the like.
verb (used with object)spangled, spangling.
3. to decorate with spangles.
4. to sprinkle or stud with small, bright pieces, objects, spots, etc.
verb (used without object)spangled, spangling.
5. to glitter with or like spangles.
6. spangly- adjective

I came up with this photo. I took it at the Brazoria County Fair. An amusement park ride. Starship 2000, all ‘spangly’ with flashing and colored lights. 🙂

What can you come up with?

Just Jot It Jan: 3 Warning

When I saw the prompt for today’s Just Jot It January challenge (warning), I immediately thought of this photo. I took it once on vacation in Thailand. I was going on a tour of Phang Nga Bay. We’d be riding one of the local ‘long-tail boats’. I was really looking forward to seeing the limestone caves, the village of the ‘water gypsies’, and ‘James Bond Island’.

I did a double take when I saw this sign as we were loading the boats.

What are ‘jacket lifts’? 😉

Are they warning you not to forget your Bacardi rum to go along with your ‘jacket lift? Or maybe you’ll need your rum after you finish your ‘jacket lift’? 🙂

I can’t read Thai, but hopefully it’s more clear in that language than it is in English. 😉

I’m sure they meant ‘life jackets’. I just couldn’t help but wonder how all the people who’s first language wasn’t English (or Thai) would interpret that warning sign. 😉

Just Jot It Jan: 2 Time

I’ve joined in on Linda’s Just Jot It January 2017 blog challenge. Posting every day in January to her daily prompts. Today’s theme is: time.

A great prompt! There are so many ways I could go with this one. I don’t usually think much about the ‘idea’ of time. Only to think ‘I’m running out of time’, or ‘I don’t have time for that’.

Even now that I’ve been out of work for so long, I’m still in that mindset. Even tho I’m able to decide how I want to spend my day, I still feel like I’m ‘running out of time’, and “I don’t have time for that”.

I’ve fallen into the trap that so many people do. Living in the past- or the future. I keep thinking about how much I miss working. Miss having that steady income so I could do all the things I wanted to. I keep thinking about how I’ll be able to do all that again, only once I get back to work. And stock the bank accounts back up.

In the meantime, I stress about ‘how am I going to survive’ next year if I don’t get back to work soon? I’m worried about how can I possibly make it another year? 5 years? 10 years? 20???

Instead of doing what I should be doing- living in the moment- taking these huge blocks of free time to concentrate on my writing, painting, photography- I spend too much time worrying and wasting time online, filling out applications and looking for work that just isn’t there anymore!

I’m still very undecided. What should I do? Keep on trying to find work? When I KNOW there is none? On the slim hope that I’ll finally find something that fits my skills and experience?

Or take a mind numbing, totally exhausting job for $14/hour (add 3+ hours daily commute) where I’ll have no life, no time for anything but work- eat- sleep? A job that still won’t cover the bills, but will help, a little bit.


I only have so much time. I’m getting older, 55 years old now. I feel like I should stop wasting it, hoping for a job that just is not going to happen. I should just forget about ever going to work again, since the likelihood of that happening is fading away with every day that passes. I should just forget it. The question is- how???

I feel horrible, trapped by fear, but can’t seem to get past it. There are so many things I want to do (most of all, to travel). But everything costs money. Money I don’t have anymore. And tho I could possibly make things happen even without much money, I’m afraid to go that route. Even when I can logically tell myself I’m being stupid.

I get the points these quotes from Tolle, Buddha and Einstein are making. About the nature of time and reality.  I still can’t stop my fears. 😦