Bill To Define Journalist Will Get Full Senate Vote

Bill To Define Journalist Will Get Full Senate Vote : Personal Liberty™.

Just got this in an email… URGENT to all bloggers and anyone else concerned with free speech. This bill will destroy it! Call and write your “representatives” asap. It’s very important to defeat this bill. There is no definition of what a ‘journalist’ is in the Constitution and they have NO need to make one up now. All this bill will accomplish is to silence those of us they don’t like for whatever reason. Speak up now before it’s too late!


Organizations, Activists Lining Up To Sue Against NSA Surveillance

Organizations, Activists Lining Up To Sue Against NSA Surveillance : PersonalLiberty™.

I’m thrilled to see this lawsuit moving forward. In the case of First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles vs NSA, the court will be considering if it will allow the illegal, unconstitutional spy programs of the NSA (and other) goons to continue.

I would LOVE to see the courts throw this out and tell the NSA to shut its doors forever. I’m happy to see so many groups join in with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, Patient Privacy Rights, and many others to fight for our rights. I wish them complete success.

I have to say I have my doubts anything will really change even IF they manage to win a total victory in court. The people who work for these agencies have been brainwashed to believe that by trampling on our constitutional rights they will somehow save the country. Instead they destroy it with their police state tactics. 😦