Guest Post: Skyrim

What the heck is Skyrim?!

I’m very happy to report I had my first guest post today. Leisel, over at her blog Skill Up Skillet, posted my beef stew recipe.

If you’re at all into sci-fi, fantasy, games, geeky stuff you really ought to check out her blog. She also posts some very interesting recipes. Here’s how she describes it

A Geek & Game Themed Food Blog- because cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a feat of strength. 

I do love reading sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and just about everything else. But I’m not much into games. I just don’t have the patience to keep starting over when I get killed off in the 1st 5 seconds of the game. I was addicted to Gems for a while (that game is impossible to win), it kept me busy while I was on the tuna boat for 3 months at a time with no one to talk to. It’s still on my computer and if I really get bored I try again.

I used to LOVE this one game we used to play on The Performer. It was called VGA Planets. It was one where we were all different alien races and we were all trying to grow our empires and take over the universe. It was a real blast, lasted the entire 5 week long hitch and sometimes longer.

Now I’m more into crosswords and sudoku. If I ever have the time to play games at all.

Another post for the Just Jot It January challenge. 🙂