C is for Calvin- #AtoZChallenge

For “C“, I’ll tell you a little about “Calvin”. Calvin is the name chosen for the latest creepy alien we get to ‘meet’.

I went to see the movie “LIFE” the other day.

I’ve always been into science fiction. Not like a huge geek or anything, but I love the way the stories make you think. About all the different possibilities. What would people do under these circumstances? Or those? The genre allows so much freedom to explore.

LIFE starts out on the International Space Station (ISS). They retrieve a returning Mars probe and find a single celled organism onboard. It grows. Rapidly. Proof of ‘life beyond Earth’. The world is fascinated. They name it “Calvin”.

Too bad, but all the wishful thinking in the world doesn’t make Calvin a nice guy.


Area 51: Black Helicopters Or Little Green Men? : Personal Liberty™

Area 51: Black Helicopters Or Little Green Men? : Personal Liberty™.

So they FINALLY fess up??? No, not really, they redacted almost all of the information. We just don’t “need to know” what they’re doing with OUR money, in OUR name, to use against US??? I’m so sick and tired of being lied to by ‘our’ government. 😦