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I’m asking everyone her, who knows of a place- anywhere in the world- that has not gone bonkers over the novel coronavirus? Does anybody have any suggestions where a person can go to live like normal? NOT the “new normal”, which is anything BUT normal! I want to go back to actually LIVING my life, not getting used to giving up everything that makes life actually worth living.

I want to be able to talk to people- up close, not from 6 feet away- to see their facial expressions and smiles. I want to be able to give and receive a hug or a handshake without people looking at me like I’m going to somehow murder them. I want to be able to enjoy traveling again, in comfort (or at least what passed for comfort in those tiny airline seats). I want to be able to visit a new place without having to plan every minute in advance since everything is so confounding with all the ridiculous covid rules. I want to see busy city streets full of people living their normal lives and lined with thriving small businesses of all sorts- open to everyone without restriction.

I can’t stand to see what’s going on around the world and especially in America. Once the “home of the brave and land of the free”. Sadly, the insane over reaction to this virus has completely demolished any real freedoms Americans had left.

When “our leaders” can put all of under house arrest. When they can arbitrarily decide who can and can’t go to work, who’s allowed go shopping (and what we can or can’t buy), who’s allowed to keep their business going, …

They have taken it on themselves to decide who can and can’t actually LIVE in this ‘brave new world’ they’ve shoved down our throats. I shouldn’t say it like that, since it seems so very few object to this new medical tyranny.

Most of the people I see when I go out anywhere seem to be completely OK with the ‘mandates’ coming down from above. No matter how stupid, senseless and ridiculous they are!

For example, the mask mandates… there is not one single scientifically rigorous study anywhere that shows that masks help prevent the spread of the flu (or covid). There are a whole lot of them that do show that masks are actually harmful! Yet, our leaders still insist we wear them and most people are happy to comply. WHY?

I want to know WHY we have all thrown out our common sense and submitted to these draconian measures for THIS particular disease? The experts, even the ones at the CDC and the WHO have admitted that masks are NOT the way to go! They have admitted that these mandates (masks, social distancing, lockdowns) are all MUCH MORE HARMFUL than the virus itself.

Why does no one care about all the other reasons people die every year? All the deaths from car accidents, plane crashes, cancer, obesity, tuberculosis, malaria, and all the other diseases have somehow lose all importance and we ONLY care about covid- WHY?

I admit, I am a conspiracy theorist. but when there is no apparent reason for something then I start looking for something that may be hidden a little bit. In this instance, it is blaringly obvious to me that all this is about nothing but CONTROL. PERIOD!

Why this disease and why now? Simple, because it is only now that “they” are able to exert so much control over us all. With the rise of the “surveillance state“, digital currency (or even credit cards), and social capital like in China, they have the technology in place to track, trace and eventually take complete control of EVERY aspect of our lives.

You think not? Read George Orwell’s “1984“, “Animal Farm”, and Huxley’s “Brave New World” think about it a while and then tell me they’re not being used as a road map for ‘our leaders’ to follow.

7 thoughts on “Who Knows

    • Thank you for the info. I have heard about Turkey and have been considering heading back over there. I really enjoyed spending time there last time I was there. I love all the history and culture. It’s a fascinating place, and the people were wonderful too. I may have to figure out a way to get back over there again. I wish I could just forget about work forever and just go traveling for the rest of my life.
      I have been wondering about Croatia too, I don’t really know anything about it. Or Serbia either. I’ve also heard Belarus.

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  1. I just wanted to add that COVID19 is a real illness and not scam. I had an immediate family member (that doesn’t live near me) who had for a few weeks but luckily didn’t need to be hospitalized. It is debatable whether all the draconian restrictions are helpful or not especially as originally people were told in the USA that they were in place in order not to overwhelm the health system. It’s definitely understandable why one would want to escape back to the way things were before. Good luck!

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    • I never meant that the disease itself is a scam, but the reactions to it from the media and government officials most definitely IS. There is absolutely no reason for any of the things they’ve done.
      They’ve done all of this only through the use of our FEARs against us!
      Yes, this is a new disease and so yes, a few more people would be expected to be affected by it. Considering that there are more than 8.5 BILLION people on this planet, the fatality rate is VERY small. Even tho the numbers seem large. In reality, more people die from the seasonal flu! We don’t shut down the world for the flu every year, and people don’t freak out either.
      We all knew less than 3 months after it was discovered who, exactly, was most at risk and what they should do to protect themselves. We also knew that masks and ‘social distancing’ were ineffective and very harmful to everyone- sick or not. The experts all knew that, yet they allowed the media and officials who think their office makes them dictators whenever they decide to become one to convince the public of the complete opposite! They should all be charged with crimes against humanity!
      People have somehow forgotten (or been manipulated to believe) that the only reason anyone will die is from covid-19. That we are ALL at serious risk of death from the slightest exposure- which is a horrible LIE. Because so many have been scared to death by this propaganda, we are tricked (and threatened and forced) to throw away everything that makes life worth living!
      The health system was never over loaded, not even close. The media in the US has been guilty of extreme misrepresentation. In fact, I would say they’ve been guilty of spreading bald faced lies. All in order to terrify the public! The politicians are just glorifying in their increased power and the fact that they’ve been able to steal our freedoms with hardly a whimper from the public.
      The only way we will ever get back to some semblance of normal is for more people to come to the realization that NONE of this was really necessary and we’ve ALL been royally screwed!


      • Actually masks reduce transmission rates but aren’t foolproof. During the Spanish Flu (approx 100 years) it was mandatory to wear masks in parts of the USA.


      • I’ve read through a few dozen studies already, plus a few metastudies of dozens of others. Not one of any of those studies show any statistically relevant improvement. There is no rigorous scientific study showing that masks reduce the spread of covid (or flu). There are many that show that wearing masks are harmful.

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