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I’ve been stuck at home since my last job got cut short (again). I get antsy when I’m not working for months at a time. I start freaking out about money and bills, then start feeling trapped and depressed and don’t feel like doing much of anything at all. Since October, I’ve only had 5 weeks of work and it’s looking pretty slim for the next few weeks as well. 😦

I’ve been trying to keep busy. I go see a movie to cheer up if there’s anything decent playing. I’ve stopped going to my usual (entertaining and interesting) Tuesday night political meetingssince they’re just so frustrating now. I go to art class on Tuesdays (this morning was the last one for a while- the teacher is taking a break). I may start going to ‘open studio’ instead. It’s on Wednesdays, or Monday nights. 

I’m getting around to doing things I’ve been putting off: I was working in the yard til it got too hot, working on my taxes, re-reading books I’ve been saving before deciding if I can now bear to get rid of them, uploading some photos to the stock agencies.

Here are a few examples…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mpingo-Ridge-10-1024x682.jpg
Herd of buffalo in the Serengeti
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mpingo-Ridge-8-1024x1021.jpg
Lilac breasted roller
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paris-35-1024x768.jpg
Palace of Versailles- rear view
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is things-we-grow-14-copy-1024x705.jpg
Pair of pink tulips
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is things-we-grow-4-copy-1024x681.jpg
Fresh, organic vegetables at a farmers market

Stock photography- like the blogging, was supposed to be a side gig. A way to earn some income when I wasn’t able to get offshore. I hate to say it, but neither one has worked out that way. Both take a hell of a lot of work to keep up with. So far, I’ve earned a grand total of $7.83 on Bigstock and $6.46 on Dreamstime. A big, fat $0.00 from the blogs. 

My thought was to sidestep the editors. To get my work out in front of the public where I figured at least somepeople would like it enough to buy something. I know it’s possible to earn an income from both blogging and from photography. I know people personally who are doing both. 

I wish I knew their secrets. It seems the main issue is how to attract attention? How to be found among the 81 million on Bigstock alone? Or the 500 million ++ blogs in the world?

Just curious, does anyone you know earn anything from either stock photography or blogging? If so, do you know how? 


20 thoughts on “Stock Photography

  1. Sorry. No help here, just sympathy. My impression is that you really have to be very outgoing and self-promoting.
    But I have read a bunch of things lately that indicate that the people who make money at these things got in early and there is just way too much competition now, that ship has sailed, in a manner of speaking.

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    • Sadly, I think I have to agree with you. The ones who got in early already got the worms. 😉
      I’ve been working hard on this blog (less lately than before), but it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to follow me. I wonder what I’m doing wrong.
      I suppose its probably been pretty boring here lately, since I haven’t been going anywhere interesting, or even to work hardly at all, but I still try to post good stuff whenever I can.
      I appreciate you sticking around and for your sympathy. 🙂

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  2. There are so many free stock photo sites it makes it very competitive unless you have something very special/different. To make money from blogging you need thousands of visitors a day minimum, preferably tens of thousands. Once you achieve that look into affiliate programs where you can post images of the products and write posts about them. Some pay very well, like 50% of each sale but its all about web traffic. Even porn site are hurting because of pirated content.

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    • Thanks for the input Mike. So the ‘secret’ is to get millions of fans. I guess I’ll never get anywhere with this blog. I just can’t manage to find the time to really work that hard at it. 😉
      Friends have told me the stock sites are all about numbers as well. Get hundreds of photos accepted and you’ll finally (maybe) start earning a few bucks. They both seem like a hell of a lot of work. But I like doing something with all the photos I take, and I like ‘meeting’ people from all over the world with my blogs, so I guess I’ll keep on plugging away here. 😉


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