TPC: Crawling Creatures of the Sea

I found a new photo challenge in my reader the other day. It’s hosted by Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo. This week the topic is ‘crawl‘.

I already posted once with a couple of photos of insects. I found a couple more of some sea life. Here goes…

I took all of these at the aquarium. This first one is a close up of a sea urchin (from underneath it). It was crawling slowly up the side of the tank when I got this shot.

This is a beautiful blue starfish, I wish my photo could show the true blue color, it’s really much brighter.

This little hermit crab was crawling around its tank for a while, he finally stopped and stared at me through the glass. I remember growing up on the beach in Florida when we used to see these guys all the time. I don’t see them here in Texas. I wonder why not?

7 thoughts on “TPC: Crawling Creatures of the Sea

  1. The Sea-urchin is really cool! All those sucker tipped legs gluing to the glass. 🙂

    I spent a couple of minutes with a photo-editing software program on the Starfish and came up with this:×768.jpg. Not sure of the colour shade but it’s an indication of the possibilities. 🙂 ( Not meaning to infringe on any copyrights!)

    it’s curious why the hermit Crabs don’t live on the coast – it’s the same latitude as Fl so i assume the temps are the same? Maybe you don’t have mangroves which they like – or there are some crab predators in that part of the Gulf??

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    • thanks! you did a good job with the color on the starfish.
      I really have no idea about the hermit crabs. We don’t have mangroves where I live, but I think there are some around. Maybe there are crabs there. I don’t know about the predators. I can’t think of any different, but I’m no expert. I don’t really spend as much time in the water as I did when I was living in FL. 😦

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      • Or maybe Texas just has a law that requires hermits to ‘move on’ 😉

        Or the crabs don’t like Tex-Mex food! 🙂

        Or Louisiana catches them all for Gumbo before they can make it that far! 😀


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