New WordPress- Ugh!

Does anyone else hate this new WordPress (with the blocks) as much as I do?

It makes it SO much harder to write a post. It makes me spend so much more time and energy to write one. It makes it so frustrating. It makes it much less enjoyable to get on here and so I don’t want to blog as much. Maybe even not at all.

In addition to all the trouble I have to write this blog, add photos, make galleries, it constantly crashes and I have to go back to the draft and then post immediately or I lose everything I just did! 😦

Does anybody see any advantage to this new system?


18 thoughts on “New WordPress- Ugh!

    • I know what you mean Irene. I’ve been putting it off too. I already spend a lot of time writing a post and this new style of theirs takes me at least twice as long. Maybe someone out there has figured out some tricks to help?

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  1. I did not care for it at all; it might be appropriate for a specific type of posts, but as you said, lists, galleries and other formats just keep crashing it are very limited.

    If you go to your settings you can go back to the “classic” version.

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  2. The advantages are under the hood, so to speak. The individual blocks can be more easily customized, and, ultimately there should be more of them. Problem is that they released prematurely, before the regular stuff worked (like the gallery going to light box when you click on an image… Although I think that finally works now).

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    • I tried to make a gallery and it just comes out as a long page of individual photos. Nothing like before. I never saw anything about a lightbox and probably not interested in that anyway. I use lightroom on my computer to crop and resize my photos before uploading them to wordpress. What I really don’t like is how hard they’ve made it to copy and paste since I am still keeping my original blog (while trying to transfer followers) and my new blog.


      • Lightbox is what they call it when you click on a photo from a gallery and it enlarges then you can go through the pictures one by one. I love that feature because I can really see people’s photos. The jetpack tiled gallery didn’t work when they first switched to Gutenberg, but it does now. It still seems a bit buggy.

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      • yes, I can look at the photos full size, I just can’t figure out how to make a gallery now. They just come out as individual photos when I try. I don’t really want my whole page taken up with large photos all the time. I will try to go back to classic wordpress. I just need more time to spend on here. 😉


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