I got this post in my email this morning from Opinionated Man (a blogger I follow). He does a lot of sharing of good blogs and I enjoy his sense of humor. This one got me wondering why would any blogger not want to be reblogged? I certainly appreciate it whenever anyone reblogs a post of mine. (hint, hint). 😉

Check out this post reblogged by OM (and now by me) on bloggers and reblogging.



9 thoughts on “Reblogging

  1. Can’t imagine someone sticking their creativeness on the internet and then be critical of it being reblogged…. I don’t get it. But hey, each to their own. I don’t think the burden lies with the reblogger tho, it lies with the person to post on every page “Do not reblog”. As always, love your posts, Capt.

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  2. Some people feel that you are plagiarizing their stuff if you reblog them.

    Others would want you to ask them permission first before you reblog their posts. Well, I can understand and respect that but personally, if someone wants to reblog or share a post of mine, they don’t have to ask permission.

    There are many times of weird people out there. For example, I encountered someone who go angry at me because I “always comment”. He or she could’ve always disabled comment….

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