Change of Plans

Things are always up in the air with me lately. I was supposed to come out here for 6 weeks as DPO. I came out as DPO and after a few days, I was informed that I was really supposed to be MSL (marine section leader). Basically MSL is the same thing as a chief mate.

Whoo-hooo! I got promoted. But I didn’t want to be. I probably would have refused to take the job in the first place if they had told me the truth about what they wanted.

The company who hired me and the client who hired them both refuse to pay me as MSL tho I have been doing the job now for a couple of weeks (since last crew change). So. I am leaving.

How many people do you think are happy to do the work of one job and get paid a much lower rate for another job? I think only very young people trying to break in, to prove themselves. Or really super desperate people who have given up their pride and principles and have nothing at all to live on. We all do a lot of things we may not like to when it comes down to survival. Thank goodness I have not got to that point yet this time around.

I’ve worked too damn hard, for too damned long in order to earn my license. I don’t like the fact that they seem to think it’s worthless here.

I will go home after only 4 weeks of work. Very disappointed with the whole operation.

Oh well, it’ll be nice to be home for a while. I just hope it’s not such a long while! I need to find another job asap!

I’m hoping hurricane Harvey didn’t do much damage to my property. It would be nice to be able to stash some of this paycheck (just in case).


10 thoughts on “Change of Plans

    • Thank for the encouragement. I agree. I feel like you have to hold to your principles in order to feel good about yourself. It’s more important that you can hold your head up high than be concerned about what others think.
      And no, the man I relieved WAS getting paid as MSL. Did they just decide to be cheap? Or did they somehow think that since I was a woman, I wouldn’t complain? Or that I wasn’t worth it?? I hate to think that way, but it still happens out here.

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      • Thanks for the concern, but I don’t think there is any way to file a complaint.
        I was working for a temp agency. This is all in Texas which is a right to work state. Companies here can fire you for no reason at all! We don’t really have much ability to fight back.
        As for why I left, I’m pretty positive they really just don’t give a damn. These companies all know how bad we’re desperate to go to work after 3+ years of layoffs in the oilfield. They KNOW we’ll put up with just about anything. If one person has enough gumption to quit because of being treated unfairly, they know they can get another as soon as they snap their fingers.
        That’s exactly what happened. Before I even left, they had another guy (who also had a chief mates license) out there!


      • I agree. Things are not good at all for ordinary people trying to make a living.
        We used to have unions in the maritime industry that would actually help us out. Some of them are still around, in fact I am trying to ship out with 2 of them. But none of them seem to be anything but crewing agents for the companies anymore. They really don’t seem to work for the mariners at this point at all.
        Some people say why should they? We have it good. I look at how things have changed and say we have lost a hell of a lot over the years!
        But then again, I’ve always been one to look at the glass as half empty. I wish I could somehow change that outlook, but it’s part of who I am I guess.


      • A “realist” is what you are because the glass, for some people, IS half-empty. For those who don’t have to be concerned, they can name-call all they want to shame people for speaking the truth. The flip side is that some people, historians for example, claim that ‘our times’ are no different than previous, we’re only more aware.

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