I’m Back

It feels like much longer than it was, the 27 days I was out there without internet. I was so grateful to have even a few days of real work again! I was hoping for more, but things are still very, very slow offshore. Every one of us on board was so thankful to have a job after a long dry spell.

Too bad, but the company finished up all the work they had lined up and so laid me off on Saturday. There was some talk about more projects coming up in the near future, but nothing definite.

I can survive another couple of months off of that job. I have a class lined up to teach the week of June 25th. Maybe by the end of the month something else will come up?

The price of oil is still under $50/bbl. Until that changes, I don’t see much hope of a decent job. But even a few days every now and then will be enough to get by on. I know most people are thrilled at the low price of gas at the pump (tho it should be about $1 less going by price/bbl- all that extra is taxes!).

I would probably be thrilled too if it didn’t wipe out my entire profession. Every sector of the maritime world is tied to the offshore sector and the price of oil. When it’s low and the offshore sector shuts down, people migrate to deep sea, towing, fishing, etc. Shutting off any options to do anything else on the water.

Shoreside jobs are a total waste of any mariners skills and training and don’t come anywhere near offering even the worst pay/benefits we earn on the water (and it’s not all about the money either).

I’ll spend the next couple of weeks catching up on things I’ve been putting off: exterminator, dentist, house cleaning, oil change, car wash, doctor, painting projects, taxes, etc. All kinds of fun stuff like that. πŸ˜‰

Hopefully, I can keep things interesting with some stories from the recent past. πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “I’m Back

      • How have you been Dave?
        I finally got a little bit of work (not much internet access out here).
        I think I will be home soon, job will be over in a few days.
        I can use a break (already- this job has been stressful), but I really need the $$ so I hope it lasts longer

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      • Hi Dave,
        How have you been? I’m OK. I was out on the rig when Harvey hit. It sat right over my neighborhood for a couple of days, but I was very lucky. It looks like my house didn’t get any damage at all. At least I haven’t seen anything yet except my gutter is hanging down over my front door.
        Some of my other property was damaged, but all in all I got off very lightly. I had to replace 1 roof and 3 apts flooded. All that has already been fixed and so far, I have not been asked to pay for anything out of my personal checkbook (repairs were made from business proceeds).
        I know a lot of people here were really in bad shape. The guy I’m working for now had his house flooded, ruined 2 cars and is still looking for somewhere to live.
        Yes, I was very lucky!


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