K is for Kestrel- #AtoZChallenge


“K” is for Kestrel. No, not the bird, but the dive boat I used to work on for CalDive.

My captain took that picture (for some reason, I can’t figure out how to get all my photos onto this computer). Check out his website, he has more cool ship pictures. 🙂

I only worked on the Kestrel for a short time. I was hired on for a job as Chief Mate, but when I actually got there, the company informed me that I would instead be sailing as Second Mate. Who knew for how long?

Of course I was not happy with that situation and made plans to take another job. I only needed 6 more weeks of sea time as Chief Mate before I could apply for my Master Mariners license.

Luckily, I was able to get those 6 weeks on board the Kestrel after all. 🙂

It was an ‘interesting’ job. And old ship, but a good crew kept her going. Too bad the last I heard she was sold for scrap. 😦


5 thoughts on “K is for Kestrel- #AtoZChallenge

    • I have 2 computers. One is Mac, other is Windows 10. I save my photos on an external drive. I can access them only from the Windows machine which I really hate to work on.
      So, what I have to do is: go onto the Windows machine, look through all my photos, pick the ones I want to work with, put them on a thumb drive and then put them onto the Apple computer so I can work with them and upload them. It’s a real pain!
      I also had a huge amount of great photos from my trip down to Nicaragua hijacked with some kind of virus and they blackmailed me to get them back. I never did pay them, so lost thousands of photos from that trip. 😦


      • Ouch! Never met anyone who has actually had their hard drive blackmailed before! Sorry to hear it 😦 The photos are still there but you need to know the algorithm key encryption to recover them and trying to break it without the key could take decades (until we get quantum computers at least!!! Hopefully not that far away). Tricky working with 2 different operating systems and an external drive. Unless you’ve got a really small hard drives on your pc/apple I’d think about keeping your photos on one or both machines and just using the external as back-up copies so you don’t lose any if either machine dies. What would you do now if your external kicks the bucket?? They can you know? Always keep 2 copies of your stuff – you never know when a vital piece of equipment may stop working… or be hijacked! 😦

        Good luck and sorry i could not be of more help 🙂



      • Thanks for the suggestions.
        I know about the encryption. I am keeping the thumb drive, just in case someone comes up with a solution (other than blackmail/bribery) to get my pictures back. I don’t use it for anything now.
        As for the size of my hard drives. I added extra on my MAC when I bought it. Its the most they could put on it at the time. I just have a LOT of photos! I have a couple of years worth on the Apple and it’s almost full already! I have all the photos backed up on the other computer and a hard drive. I guess I should get another hard drive just in case. I was SO upset (still am) about losing those photos from that trip!
        I like to work on the Apple, so it’s just frustrating to have to go find the photos on the other computer. I had thought I could use the hard drive on both computers. Thats what they told me when I bought it. It doesn’t work that way. Or I’m doing something wrong. I really don’t know enough about computers but it seems like I should just be able to plug it in and at least see whats on it on either computer. Nope.

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  1. Hi Cap’n 🙂

    I’m more of a windows user (sadly, for both of us) but i did find this link that could help? http://www.pcworld.com/article/230943/crossplatform.html.

    The salesman is right about being able to use the hard drive for both but generally you need to separate part of the disc for mac use and part for windows which is not a lot of help in your case. The link shows you how to connect your two different pc’s to a common sharing network (private – in home) so you should be able to access your .jpg or other photo types from either pc when they are connected to the workgroup (windows name) or whatever mac calls it? 🙂

    There is a more complicated (to set up) version of hard-drive access called ExFAT which allows both mac and windows users to access the same disk, but that might be beyond either of our current level of computer expertese! 😉

    it’s probably a good thing the price of thumb drives is coming down while the storage size increases ( I’ve seen 64Gb drives in stores lately – should hold about 50,000 1 Mb photos)

    love. ( short form of my blogname in case you were wondering 😉 )


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