Finally! I’m going to work tomorrow! 🙂

It’s only a temp job. Maybe not even a week. But it’s the first real job I’ve had since I went as AB on that delivery job down to Colombia last August.

I’ll be going out as 3rd mate/JDPO (junior dynamic positioning officer) just to relieve someone who had to leave unexpectedly.

I hope, really really hope this is the start of something good!


9 thoughts on “Work

    • Thanks! I’ve been working on DP vessels since 2002!! Or I WAS working until I got laid off Sept 2015. This is first work since then. Things have been horrible offshore. I am wondering if it’s ever going to come back to where we can have steady (or any) work again.

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      • Hi!
        Yes, ever since the oil prices went down, there has been lesser demands for DP vessels. Last week I loaded crude at an offshore terminal in West Africa and the mooring master was telling me the same.
        In face a few of my acquaintances have even moved back to conventional shipping after waiting long for jobs.
        Let’s hope this is a passing phase and jobs shall return soon.
        Once again, good luck!

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      • Yes, things have been very slow since the price dropped. I have been looking for work on ALL types of vessels. Sadly, the US does not have much of a fleet these days. It is down to under 100 ships. Our maritime academies turn out over 300 new 3rd mates every year so those jobs are immediately filled. Other than the oilfield (offshore sector),the only other jobs are local ferries, tugs and fishing boats. Tugs have been placed off limits due to licensing changes and I really can’t afford to move so I’m pretty much stuck here. Applying for everything I see for offshore and deep sea sectors foreign and domestic.
        I hope this ends soon! I will not be ABLE to go back to work if it goes on much longer (license – and DP certificate now- requires so many days of time to keep it)
        I’m trying to transition into writing/photography/art since it is looking very likely that I will be forced into retirement at this point. I refuse to spend the rest of my life working at McDonalds! I keep trying to find ways to monetize my blog and earn income with writing, but it is very difficult.


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