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This post is for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It’s Sunday as I write this, but the events I’m going to write about happened yesterday so I’m counting it. 😉 And I don’t think it’s going to be “short“, so consider it the opposite of short. 🙂

I went down to the beach  yesterday for the St Patricks Day parade. The weather was overcast with a light rain. I was late leaving home and thought I might get stuck in traffic, but because of the weather I made it in time for the judging without any trouble at all.

I got a few photos before it started raining hard and I had to run for cover. I headed to the Jetty Shack to dry off and watch the parade through the window.

I was sitting at the bar, enjoying a yummy Patty Melt (they make the best ones around) and listening to the surrounding conversations. I joined in (where maybe I shouldn’t have).

I can’t really remember how it started, but something to do with how young people don’t have any respect. It moved on to how society has encouraged people to do things that are illegal and cause harm. 

One of the guys I was talking to was a cop (off duty). I listened to him describe how he would treat people he pulled over for ‘a broken tail-light’. If the person was respectful, he would just get a simple warning. If he was not respectful, if he talked back, or did not show the proper amount of submission, then he would wind up with a half dozen tickets and very possibly a trip to jail.

He might even wind up ‘falling down’ in the elevator and wind up with semi-serious injuries.

If he actually challenged the cop, if for instance he threatened the cop with something like video tapes or lawsuits or ‘beating his ass’, then that guy might very well wind up taken out to a cow pasture and “get the shit beaten out of him”.

When I objected to all of this talk (I’m not 100% sure of how serious these comments were and hoping they were not), we got into a discussion of how it was a cops job to ‘enforce the law’.

When I suggested the cops could (and did- as he just admitted himself) pick and choose which ‘laws’ they wanted to enforce then the conversation started to get intense.

When I stated that 99% of the laws on the books were just plain WRONG, the cop (of course) objected. After all, if we got rid of 99% of the ‘laws’ on the books, then he and some of his extraneous buddies might lose their comfy jobs, pensions and other benefits (paid by OUR tax dollars).

That part was not really brought up in the conversation, but I kept pointing out all the insane ‘laws’ on the books. Things like making marijuana illegal. That ‘law’ alone has done SO much damage!

It (the ‘LAW’, NOT the plant!) has ruined hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives here in the US and around the world. There is NO legitimate reason for that ‘law’. NONE!

The cop himself admitted it, but yet he insisted that the ‘law’ must be obeyed. That we needed people to ‘hold the line’. WTF? WHAT line?

I tried to make the point that there is a difference between a legitimate law and a BS piece of paper, written up just so some people could have power over others. He refused to see the point and started to get upset (to put it mildly).

When I said that I just could not understand how a cop could go to work every day, ruining peoples lives, harassing and arresting people for “breaking the ‘law'”, when they KNEW in their guts that that ‘law’ was WRONG, he insisted that the cops had to “hold the line”, the “law is the law” and that “was their job”.

When I said I could not find any way to hold even one iota of respect for anyone who could do that, he got extremely upset and told me he “had never been so insulted in his entire life”. Then he walked out. I was fuming.

Well, I didn’t mean to insult him really, but I REALLY wanted to get him to see my point. How it feels from the other side. How it TRUELY IS.

That the job of a cop now a days is NOT “to protect and serve”, it is to control the people for the benefit of the ‘elites’- the people who write the ‘laws’. Which is very obviously NOT us! Not regular people like you, me (or him), but powerful corporations, lawyers and power hungry bastards in political office!

I wanted him to understand that there is a BIG difference between a REAL law, one that benefits society, and a BS ‘law’ that is only there to control people and actually HARMS SOCIETY.

We have thousands and thousands of pages of BS so-called ‘laws’ on the books. No one could possibly even know what they all are, much less try to follow them! Giving a pissed off cop all the excuses he needs to take out his ego fantasies and power trip out on anyone, any time he feels like it. Give a cop a minute and he CAN AND WILL find SOMETHING to charge you with!

Hundreds of thousands of ‘laws’ on the books, breeds contempt for the REAL laws!

This is NOT the way a free society should function! This is absolutely NOT the way our real law (the Constitution) is written! We ARE a free people and we need to remember that! We need to start taking back our freedoms! We need to force the cops back into their rightful place in society!

They are there to prevent and investigate CRIMES! Any crime has a victim! Enforcing ‘laws’ is NOT their ‘job’! It is only their excuse for abusing their ‘authority’ and we all need to work together to stop it!

If he hadn’t left so abruptly, I would have suggested he read a little bit, get some education before he goes back to work- try reading the Constitution for starters. It might explain all the things we ARE ‘allowed’ to do, which means pretty much EVERYTHING (that doesn’t hurt anyone else). That includes all kinds of things, like possession of marijuana (and every other thing), like driving (even with a broken tail light), like refusing to give a social security number as identification (since the LAW says it is NOT TO BE USED AS ID!), and a million other things.

Then I might suggest reading Three Felonies a Day, a great book explaining how much BS is written into the ‘laws’ and why they are NOT really laws and should be ignored by any sensible person (including cops).

I would say to read George Orwell’s 1984, for a good look at what ‘life’ is like living in a country where people are controlled like we are now.

I would say read Bastiat’s “The Law” for a good, simple way to look at things. I would say to read Lysander Spooner’s classic “No Treason“, giving a well thought out defense of personal autonomy and why we should NOT be subject to the ‘laws’ of the state.

I would say to read “The State vs the People” by Claire Wolfe (and her other books are very good too).

I would say to check out the Institute for Justice and take a look at how they are constantly kept busy fighting for the rights of ordinary people, just for their right to live their life in peace. Fighting the everyday huge injustices perpetrated by the state (and their police enforcers) against ‘we the people’ who are supposed to be sovereign! And we ARE- IF we would just stand up, stand together and put a stop to the ever increasing violations of our inherent, natural (‘god-given’) liberties!

Stop playing their games, where they set us upon each other, where they purposely divide us by race, by age, by financial state. We need to stop fighting each other and start fighting the real enemy. If we want to live in peace and freedom, we need to wake up and stop allowing the police and their bosses to continue to steal our freedom. We need to take it back, take all of it back, and tell the SOB’s who keep stealing our lives from us to go straight to hell!

I have a pretty good library of books (etc) here at my house and I’ve read them all. I’ve probably read and studied at least as much (probably much more) as anyone with a bachelors degree in subjects like history, political science, philosophy, literature, etc.

I would suggest anyone who thinks they have the right (or ‘authority) to interfere with anyone else’s life to start educating themselves in the same way! NO ONE should be able to harm another- INCLUDING POLICE- until they’ve committed some CRIME (which means there is a victim!). The cops need to learn what a real crime consists of and stop bullshitting themselves that they’re doing any good for anybody by “enforcing the ‘law'”!

They’re NOT! In fact, they are objectively and seriously HARMING many individuals and society itself. They refuse to recognize the difference and act on their own sense of duty and morals to do the RIGHT thing and choose ONLY to enforce those ‘laws’ which are also prohibiting crimes. Things like rape, robbery, theft, fraud, etc. Things that ACTUALLY harm someone.

They should throw out their damn code books and start looking at doing some REAL good in our communities and stop fooling themselves (and most of the general public).

PS: I wrote all that pretty quickly according to the rules of the SoCS, but I really do hope some of you reading this will think about what I’m saying and maybe even take a look at some of those books I mentioned. I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll go back and make links so you can just take a quick look at what they’re about and maybe check them out from the library. Most of them are probably even free online somewhere by now. 🙂

Just checked. We now have somewhere around 90,000 pages of laws on the books! Hopefully, Trump will get to draining that swamp and take a chainsaw to the CFR! I doubt it, I think he’s going to wind up towing the line just like the rest of them when they get into office, but I can still hope! (and I mean that in the way most people use the word “hope”)

Hey, I would really like to get a discussion going on all this stuff. It seems like most of you don’t like it when I put my political views on here, but I think it’s important to discuss this kind of thing (maybe just not in the bar). 😉

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