Wow | New airport checkpoint shocks travelers! | “Orwellian” MrMBB333

Scary? Not really. We are SO FAR beyond Orwell’s 1984 it is no longer scary, it’s TERRIFYING!
What in the HELL are they going to do with this? There is NO POSSIBILITY AT ALL that they will be using this for anything good for the likes of you and me! None whatsoever! There is NO use for this kind of technology but to CONTROL people. YOU and ME!
All those people out there in the world who think they want ‘security’, you had damn well better WAKE THE HELL UP! There IS NO SUCH THING and by your fears, you allow the always present power hungry bastards you’ve put in power to turn ALL of us into nothing but their slaves.
How far has the US come, in only 17 years? We are most certainly NOT a free country at all anymore. We are a police state and this perversion of our FREEDOM to travel is just the latest assault on our liberties.
I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees! Sorry, but I really just can’t understand ANYONE who would choose ‘security’ over freedom. Anyone who does, just does not understand the TRUTH of the matter. There IS no ‘choice’! You can NOT have security, there IS NO SUCH THING! If you make that false choice, you are throwing away your freedom for some imaginary utopia. You loose BOTH your freedom AND your ‘security’.

2012 The Awakening

Yet another security checkpoint for travelers LEAVING America. After going through this new “security” point, passengers were stunned, didn’t even want to talk about it.…

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