Wow | New airport checkpoint shocks travelers! | “Orwellian” MrMBB333

Scary? Not really. We are SO FAR beyond Orwell’s 1984 it is no longer scary, it’s TERRIFYING!
What in the HELL are they going to do with this? There is NO POSSIBILITY AT ALL that they will be using this for anything good for the likes of you and me! None whatsoever! There is NO use for this kind of technology but to CONTROL people. YOU and ME!
All those people out there in the world who think they want ‘security’, you had damn well better WAKE THE HELL UP! There IS NO SUCH THING and by your fears, you allow the always present power hungry bastards you’ve put in power to turn ALL of us into nothing but their slaves.
How far has the US come, in only 17 years? We are most certainly NOT a free country at all anymore. We are a police state and this perversion of our FREEDOM to travel is just the latest assault on our liberties.
I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees! Sorry, but I really just can’t understand ANYONE who would choose ‘security’ over freedom. Anyone who does, just does not understand the TRUTH of the matter. There IS no ‘choice’! You can NOT have security, there IS NO SUCH THING! If you make that false choice, you are throwing away your freedom for some imaginary utopia. You loose BOTH your freedom AND your ‘security’.

Travel Theme: Bark

Ailsa has another good challenge this week at her ‘Where’s My Backpack’ blog. This week’s theme is “bark“.

Here’s my take…

I took these photos at the Houston Arboretum last week (click on a photo if you want to see it bigger). I stopped in for a little relaxation after work while I was waiting to go to a meeting of the Sail la Vie sailing club. I always enjoy wandering around in nature and don’t get to do it enough. Even tho the Arboretum is in Houston, once you get to wandering around there, you can’t really hear much of the city noise.

It’s a nice quiet place to chill out, relax, have a picnic, walk the trails, etc. I saw a few people jogging around with headsets on. I prefer to walk and listen to the sound of the wind in the trees, birds, turtles plopping off their logs or poking their heads up out of the water.


I wandered around for a couple of hours. Taking pictures of everything and looking for interesting shapes, patterns and colors. I enjoyed watching the turtles in the pond and a small snake that was crossing the boardwalk with me. 🙂

Anybody know what kind it is? We had a ranger from the Brazoria County Parks & Wildlife department come to tell us all about our local snakes at last weeks Campaign for Liberty meeting. He even brought some to show us. It was really pretty interesting. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but he was moving around pretty quickly (and the snakes were not sitting still either). I am guessing this one is some sort of garter snake.