Who Is…

…keeping up with politics? Anyone subject themselves to the carnival on TV today? Trumps inauguration?

I do my best to avoid all that. I hardly saw any of the circus leading up to the election. I don’t like or trust any politicians and my greatest wish is for all of them to just leave us all alone!

In accordance with that, I did not vote for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson and the rest of the Libertarians. They at least say they want to do that- leave us all alone.

Almost everyone I talked to did not like either Trump or Hillary. Most of them liked the Libertarians, but refused to ‘waste their vote’. I’ll never understand how it’s a waste to vote for someone you believe in. I think it’s more of a waste to vote for somebody you can’t stand, just to keep someone you hate even more from winning.

That kind of thinking (vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’) is the entire reason we are where we are. Stuck with choosing between two horrible, totally bad for the country ‘choices’. If people keep voting for the lesser of two evils, they’re still voting for ‘evil’ and so we just keep on getting ‘eviler’ and ‘eviler’ every election. Would anyone have predicted we’d be where we are now even 20 years ago?

I think a lot of people actually voted for Trump in hopes that he would leave us alone. After all, he is definitely not going to promote any more of that political correctness garbage. I know I’m not the only one sick and tired of being forced to self-censor. The idea of making laws against insulting people is just plain stupid IMHO. Not to mention, completely unworkable and totally against the first amendment.

I hope to hell he follows through on his promise to ‘repeal Obamacare’. I want my health care to be in my hands and not ultimately decided by some faceless bureaucrat. I want heath care in this country to once again be open to and affordable to everyone. Not just people who buy insurance, and why should we need any health insurance anyway?

It should be (and could be) cheap- and everyone could afford it, if we would fix the system that makes it so expensive. Not by government control! NO! By getting the government out of it! They are the ones who’ve caused the problems to begin with. Anyone with an open mind who takes a look at the history of medicine in this country will see that. Costs and prices go up in direct relationship to government involvement.

So, it would be nice if Trump actually follows through and gets rid of that scam ‘insurance’ deal- Obamacare! While he’s at it, it’s a great opportunity to really fix what’s wrong with our health care system, it’s not insurance!

I hope Trump doesn’t turn out to be just another politician. He got elected because so many people believed that he was not! I want to see him do what’s best for the country and not just for himself and his cronies. I haven’t seen a politician do that in ages! Trump is rich enough (or ought to be) so that he really shouldn’t have to pander to his cronies. He ought to be able to just do the right thing.

I’d LOVE to see him ‘make America great again’ by restoring the main thing that made us so exceptional in the first place- the Constitution! Repeal the drug laws! Throw out the PATRIOT ACT!! Stop spying on everyone’s every move! Bring home our military from around the world and defend AMERICA which is their only legitimate use!

Do you think he’ll do any of that? Do you think he really has an ounce of respect for the Constitution? I have doubts. Serious doubts. I wonder about his temperament, his temper, his arrogance. I would love to see him ‘make America great again’. I wonder how he’ll be able to do that without starting some kind of war. Trade wars if nothing else. That’s not good for America or anybody else.

It seems none of you like my political posts much. I don’t get any ‘likes’ or comments when I get political. Sometimes I just can’t help it. I try to tone it down here. Yeah, really. 😉

I don’t really like the fact that I’m always so political, but the fact is that I have to be. Regardless of the fact that the US Constitution gives us an extremely limited government and so almost nothing should be political, our leaders have run out of control and now pretty much everything is political.

It’s directly responsible for the increase in incivility and violence, in hatred, in crime (real crime, not the made up BS they call ‘crime’ without any victim). When more and more of your choices, things you ought to be able to decide for yourself, are taken from you and decided by others- sooner or later you start to get pissed about it. When you finally start to see how much other peoples choices are affecting your life, you start to get angry about it.

I do see more and more people getting angry about it, the problem is we’re all being set to fight against each other- blacks against whites, young against old, rich against poor, etc- instead of the system. I see more and more frustration, anger, stress, it’s all being used destructively. We’re either fighting each other, or destroying ourselves (overeating, drinking, drugs, too much TV, etc). No one has come up with any effective way to change the system. We need that, and soon!

Any comment? questions? suggestions? Speak up!

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