Pirates Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit around here. It’s Christmas Eve already- wow! Here’s a fun little video by Tom Mason & the Blue Buccaneers. It’s another Song of the Sea too. 😉

Yo Ho Ho (Pirates Christmas)

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And out on the sea…

We were cold, lonely pirates

It was no place to be

We needed one more raid

In the freezing rain

To make it to the warmth of the Spanish Main

As we passed St Johns, on Newfoundlands coast

A strange looking frigate appeared like a ghost

The bowsprit was carved like an arctic reindeer

With a lantern nose to make the passage clear


Yo ho ho surrender the booty

Yo ho ho we’re here to receive

Yo ho ho it’s a pirates Christmas

And we’re a pack of bloodthirsty thieves


We come along broadside and prepared to board

With bloodthirsty cries we raised our swords

But we cast no fear on the curious crew

A strange pack of pigmies in a lighter hue

Out of the focs’l their captain appeared

He was a corpulent man with a great white beard

He wore a suit of red with furry white trim

And he laughed in our faces as we shouted at him


We said: Yo ho ho surrender the booty

He said: Ho ho ho, not on my dead mans chest

Its Christmas Eve and its my duty 

To get the toys to the children

Who’ve been on their best

There’d been such good behavior by all the girls and boys

That Santas’ ship was sinking from the weight of all the toys

I looked in the deadlights of my befuddled crew

They’d faced many dangers, but this one was new

I offered the fat Spaniard our brigantine

To deliver his gifts, clear to the Caribbean 

I warned him we trade in treachery

Ho ho ho, your secrets safe with me


Yo ho ho deliver the booty

Yo ho ho, take my treasure chest

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s our duty

To get to the children who’ve been their best

Yo ho ho Merry Christmas

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Yo ho ho its a pirates Christmas

Ho ho ho hey rumplepumpum

Yo ho ho Merry Christmas

And a hot buttered  rum

Yo ho ho its a pirates Christmas

Ho Ho Ho hey rumplepumpum



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