Maritime Monday for September 12th 2016

Another Monday and it’s time for more cool stuff coming from Monkey Fist by way of gCaptain. As always, it’s an interesting mix of maritime art, history, science and more. It brought back some memories for me this week while reading of the Peking’s planned departure for Hamburg.

I remember clambering around her decks at the South Street Seaport museum when I returned to New York from my time with the Oceanics. I still have some great pictures around here somewhere. I still think man has never made anything as beautiful as a square rigger under full sail.

Inspired by Mariners on 9/11, One Photographer Found a Passion Sunday marks 15 years …

Source: Maritime Monday for September 12th, 2016 – gCaptain


3 thoughts on “Maritime Monday for September 12th 2016

  1. I signed in to say I was listening to a Boat Talk podcast on WERU out of Blue Hill, Maine. They range far and wide on all things sea worthy from pleasure to shipping to lobstering. It was the 8/9/16 show and they mentioned that they would like to do a show on women sailors/boaters and host women who work on the water with an eye towards getting more women on the water.

    [audio src="" /]

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      • Excellent.

        I do not have your training but I am assisting in the delivery of a sail boat from one side of Lake Michigan to the other side. I hope this leads to other such trips. The current weather report is cold but winds should provide a nice beam reach so maybe we can sail instead of motor. I’ll be digging out all my layers of foul weather gear as it’s late in the season for me.


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