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8 thoughts on “Sharing

      • True, so many people laid off work offshore. Just waiting for the price of oil to go up so we can go back to work. I suspect a lot of people are a lot worse off.


      • yep, I’ve started working offshore again in 2002. When the price of oil goes down, the drilling slows down. When it drops like a rock, the drilling stops completely. Since I got laid off in September, later than a lot of people. Jobs in all the other maritime sectors had already been taken by people laid off in the offshore sector before me. There will be no job openings in maritime until the price of oil goes back up high enough for them to start drilling again.
        I’ve started applying to shoreside jobs- McDonalds, Walmarts, Buc-ee’s, etc just to have a few bucks coming in, but no one has called me back yet. Not that any job like that would ever come close to paying my bills, but every little thing helps, especially since I’m not eligible for any unemployment or other government help.


      • Wow okay, I get it Capt. Interesting. Interesting…and what a drag. You don’t think about how all these things are connected as an outsider. I wish you the best. I often wonder what you are up to when I catch a glimpse of you in my timeline.

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      • sorry to take so long to respond, I’ve been having a hard time getting anything done around here.
        I appreciate you taking the time to comment, it really is encouraging to know people are actually reading my blog and care about what I have to say.

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