I just posted this-below- on my new (self hosted) blog, (I have not received this ‘award’ from WordPress here). I’m curious as to what you all think about the difference in response between the two blogs. I post pretty much the same things on both. And what would you say to the questions I ask at the end?

Hooray! I noticed this in my comments the other day. WordPress let me know that I had received 1000 likes on this blog. 🙂



I’m happy about it, especially since it seems that on this blog, getting any kind of response is like pulling teeth compared to my old one (which was just on WordPress).

People say it’s because WordPress already has a built in audience- through the reader. Self hosted blogs, like this one, have to do it all on their own (somehow).

I wish I knew what I was doing to get those likes.

Let me ask you…what do you like about my blog? Any specific posts you remember? Any particular subjects? Anything you’d like more of? less of? what do you think would make my blog even better? what would make it stand out?

5 thoughts on “Likes

  1. Well I like your blog because you are a captain and life on the sea sounds fascinating. I think I said that yonks ago when i first came across you. Of course you are right that it is often easier to start within a community and gain a following and it can be quite lonely outside of it if you don’t know hat you’re doing.
    What would make your blog stand out? Everything about you that is unique. You’re a captain, so pics of your travels? (I think you mentioned you like photography anyway which is handy!) I saw a few of the ports you have stayed at in another post but the pics are teeny. Big pics would be great.

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    • Thanks for your input. I usually try to write about my travels. Sadly, I haven’t been able to go anywhere really since I came back from Puerto Vallarta end of February.
      It’s hard for me to write about things that seem boring to me (like hanging around the house trying to get my computer working).
      I did get a new computer, so MAYBE I can get the new one to work so I can do something with my photos.
      I’ll try to post something travel related this weekend. I’m going sailing tomorrow (Rum Races) so should have some pictures. It’ll just depend on if I can get them uploaded and online. 🙂


      • Yeah! It doesn’t have to be pressurized or fake. Perhaps in the downtime get your blog prepared to showcase your amazing (and unusual) life. So when you’re up and running again it’s ready to go. And believe me, if you grow your audience based on your life as a female Captain (which have I mentioned is amazing a few million times?) even when you’re back onshore for whatever reason, your audience will stick with you.
        Once you build your audience they are there through thick and thin. Work or no work. Your story is fascinating. I know you don’t see it because you live it. But WE (your potential audience) don’t live it. So hearing WHY you are grounded and feeling the pain of lack of work is also part of YOUR fascinating story.

        But blogging is not just picture taking and writing. If you want to build a blog you have to market it and give it the time it needs to grow. I’m just telling you the reality. But from that many great things could emerge. Capt Jill’s book on her life at sea, or a photography book containing images of all the places you’ve been to, selling amazing singular images of the different ports …I could go on.

        It could be an earner to assist your down time. But I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t take work to maintain. You don’t get nothing for free. Just some thoughts for you… 🙂


  2. First off, Cap’n Jill, congratulations! I’ve been busy with work, so I haven’t gone through my blog list in a few days. Just got back here.
    I got here via a link from Hawsepiper. I was USN 1988-92, & still miss the ocean. Life worked out otherwise. My girlfriend thinks I’m weird (well, she knows it); in, or rather on, Cocoa Beach last year, I was watching the ships, mostly the ones sailing away. This, instead of looking at bikini-clad women–that’s what she thinks is weird. I DID TOO look at them! Just not as much, or as wistfully.
    I like the pics you post. I like hearing about your life as a professional sailor. Some things you mention I learn from, having only sailed on two warships, & being therefore unfamiliar with the civilian side. Some things I recognize as common to ships of any type.
    I think more than anything, folks just need to know about your blog. I’ve no idea how you do that, other than other bloggers mentioning or linking to you. I know some bloggers who hand out business-type cards.


    • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. I know exactly what you mean about watching the ships sail by. I have the same problem, especially now.
      I was never in the Navy, my dad was and some of my uncles, so I did apply. They put me through a crazy rigamarole of tests, told me I had the highest score they’d ever seen and THEN told me I could not join because of my weight!
      I was a little pissed off that they’d wasted all my time, they could have taken one look at me and known that I couldn’t pass their physical!
      That’s how I would up in Texas going to AB school. I was determined to be a ship captain and that seemed to be the only way left for me to do it. It took me forever, a LOT longer than most. Simply because I couldn’t afford to go to school full time and also I turned down the 2nd mates license I earned when I applied for my 1600 ton masters license. If I hadn’t been such a dumbass then, I would have made Master Mariner about 2 decades before I actually did. Cost me a fortune in both time and money. I’ll never do that again.
      Thanks for your suggestions on the cards. I actually do that already. I made some business cards with my photos on them and pass them out whenever someone seems even the slightest bit interested. So far, I don’t think they’ve helped much, but it can’t hurt. I’m also hoping someone will call about the photos. 🙂


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