Daily Walk

I just got back from my daily walk. Interesting to see so many bats flying around this evening. I wonder if it was just because of the time I happened to be out today, or if there were more than usual.

I’ve had friends staying with me until recently and when they were here I was walking much later than usual. Lots of days not until close to midnight. That’s not normal for me. Usually, I try to go before noon, before it gets super hot and humid. Or after 5, when it starts cooling down again. I think the night time walks are probably what caused my vitamin D level to get so low.

I haven’t seen the bats until tonight. Except the ones they found in my telephone box when they came to fix my internet. After the 4th-5th time I called them to come out, someone FINALLY climbed up on the telephone pole to check it out. They cleaned them out of there, and the internet actually worked pretty good for a few days, but I think the bats must be back. My internet is still crap and getting worse again daily!

So I wonder if it’s just the time they come out, twilight? Or do they come out all night and I just don’t notice them when it’s darker? Or do they come out more in certain seasons? Anybody know?

I like to see them since they eat lots of mosquitos (and other bugs). So far, I haven’t noticed all that many mosquitos yet. With all the rain we’ve had around here, I was expecting a lot more of them by now!

We’ve still got almost 3 weeks to go until the Great Texas Mosquito Festival. Maybe they’ll wait to show up til then. 😉

Wouldn’t kill me if they skipped this year altogether. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Walk

  1. As a boy, I remember watching the bats swooping into the utility light’s glow for bugs, & back out again, like an in-and-out fighter strike. I’m pretty sure they run all night. When you have the only big outside light for a ways around, you attract a lot of bugs.
    I’m thinking of putting up a bat house in hopes of attracting some to live here. They really make a difference in the skeeter population, which is a big thing in northern middle TN. I don’t have the stats to hand, but I read about the amount of bugs the average bat consumes, & it’s impressive for such small creatures. Then again, they’re burning a lot of calories: I don’t think they’re still much of the time at night. Of course, I may not know what I’m talking about.

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    • I like the idea of the bat house. Or maybe you could just let them move into your phone box like mine. They really seem to love it in there! Not doing much good for my internet reception tho!!
      I think you’re probably right and they’re out all night. The bugs sure are, so the bats are probably out after them. I doubt they’d get enough to eat if they only stayed out during twilight. Tho I don’t really know anything about it either.


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