Lost Out…

…on work today (again). I was scheduled to work, but since we finished the training early yesterday, they called it off. So, I’ll have a grand total of 2 days of work for June. 😦

I counted it up last night. I’ll have a total of 16 days of paid work since the 1st of January this year. 😦

I’ve put off applying to local jobs since I’ve been spending so much time trying to find something in my field. A ‘real’ job. Job-hunting IS a full time job! Also been trying to find ways to earn money from my writing and photography (and this blog). Check out my photography for sale at Society6- or if you see any you like here on my blog, just send me a message. All my photos are for sale. Here are a few examples…

Yesterday I started filling out applications for local convenience stores (they do pay more than minimum wage).

It’s sucks, that someone with 2 college degrees (AAS in Ocean Marine Technology and BA in Mathematics) and over 20 years of experience can’t find  anything but entry level employment. 😦

Sucks even worse that the only jobs I’ve seen for offshore are offering $60/day for CHIEF MATES! Now that, that is disgusting! Even worse, some are offering ‘jobs‘ for ‘trainee DPOs’ where the prospective DPO has to pay a few thousand dollars per month for the ‘privilege’ of spending time offshore!

This is for people who have college degrees and enough experience to earn a license! This is NOT any kind of entry level position. But these yahoos, these despicable people who run these predatory companies can get away with treating people like shit because of the situation offshore right now- the low price of oil and all the layoffs because of it. They take advantage of our desperation and fear of losing our ability to EVER return to the work we love (because of new licensing regulations) and they laugh all the way to the bank!

I have a pre employment test scheduled for Friday afternoon for a local tutoring job. At this point, I have to hope I get it. I don’t know if I can survive on only 2 days of paid work/month. I have to find something else to do. 😦

Maybe something like that will help pay the bills and if I only get part time I can still work in Houston and have enough time to keep hunting a ‘real’ job.

Oil prices are going up, but still a LONG way from getting back to work offshore again. This is really hurting a lot of people all over the country (and the world). All I can do is hope, I’m doing all I can.


8 thoughts on “Lost Out…

  1. sorry to hear – less is more, squeeze more juice from the lemons, it’s open season on workers, they are shafting Am. workers every chance they get, outsourcing jobs overseas, and reducing the workers to ashes. many have to go to temp. work to find a job. Opec tried to destroy the frackers and oil drillers in US with their prices – now they are paying that price. Good luck with the job hunt. Depressing as hell but something will show up.

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    • Thank you for your comments Dormis.
      You’re right, things are not going well for the workers here. I’ve actually been very lucky so far, to be in the business I’m in. We’re treated much better than a lot of other industries treat their people.
      It’s still hard to think that after so many years of trying so hard to make it in this industry, I might be thrown out for good. It’s very hard for me to make that mental adjustment and look at other options.
      So far, I’m not seeing many. Yeah, it’s very depressing. And I have friends staying here with me who are in even worse situation, they’ve already lost their home, everything but their car, they saved that cause they’ll need it to go to work IF it ever comes back!
      We’re all just trying our best to hang on and hoping things will pick up soon.

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  2. You are describing something we are seeing more and more. SO many good jobs have vanished in the past few years, some may someday come back but others don’t exist anymore and never will because of technology.

    I have been frustrated trying to help my son find work. Finding work is like its own skill set and a full time job…he works 50+ hours a week in another time zone so he doesn’t have the time and energy to try to better his situation. He feels trapped.

    Best wishes on your endeavors.

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    • I know what you mean, it’s been getting worse here all the time. Globalization seems to be great for business, I’m not so sure how wonderful it is for the rest of us. Seems to me it’s not such a great thing to be forced to compete against Indians and Philipinos to see who can do the job for the least wages. Yet, that is where we are.
      Looking for work is definitely a full time job! Takes a long time to fill out all those applications!
      What kind of work is your son looking for? I know that feeling of being trapped. I feel the same, even more lately.


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