Shrimp Packs a Punch

I saw a video from National Geographic about this peacock mantis shrimp in my Twitter feed today. I thought it was pretty cool and deserved a wider audience. 😉

This little shrimp really is an amazing creature. It’s colors are beautiful and it’s punch is strong as hell! I wouldn’t put it up against any human boxer, if it was our size it would really be scary! TKO any heavyweight champ in a NY second!

I do love nature and all the wonderful plants and animals we share the world with. I think the natural world is beautiful and fascinating. I love to spend time wandering around in any forest, beach, mountain, etc. I really wish more people would take a look at the bigger picture and not stay so tightly focused on their own self, family, tribe, etc. We are killing off so much of our world, just so we can fill it up with billions more humans. Seriously, I don’t understand why.


6 thoughts on “Shrimp Packs a Punch

  1. Mantis shrimps are epic!! True about nature…but what can we do? It seems humans try so hard to create beauty throughout their lives and, in the end, we just create destruction. But while trees give us oxygen, they need the CO2 we exhale. I don’t know what to say, I really don’t.

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    • thanks for checking out my blog.
      I don’t really have any solutions either. It makes me sad to think of all the destruction brought about by human beings. My suggestion would be to limit the human population VOLUNTARILY. Stop promoting unlimited childbirths, even up to in vitro fertilization (all paid for by others), and start promoting birth control. Give women more power to control the size of their families. Increase the living standards of the poorest people around the planet, that seems to be a proven strategy for having people choose to have smaller families.
      I think until we start shrinking the numbers of people on this planet, we’re not going to find any possibility of sustainability- for us or for anything else.
      Sorry if that was too much, but that’s really what I think. 😉

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      • I’m glad to hear what you think. Overpopulation, wow, I’m too afraid to even say what I think on that. I agree that an informed public with access to birth control resources and power to create their own families is best. But eventually that may not be enough. A perspective: Luckily we seem to be moving towards a world government which, in novels, is usually quite effective at population control (ie. Brave New World) However, we all know what happens next…dystopia and revolution. People like their right and nobody wants to be told what to do with their bodies or their families. Sustainability is a noble goal. It just might not be possible in the long long term. Maybe that’s what really happened with the Ice Age….the dinosaurs got out of hand…

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      • Glad I didn’t scare you away. 😉
        It seems that population starts to shrink as soon as a certain standard of living is attained. People are choosing to limit their family size on their own, no one is forcing them or telling them what to do. I do not like the idea of using force on people. I figure if you can’t convince someone to follow your suggestions, then your idea probably wasn’t worth following.
        I’m hopeful that will continue as long as the world’s economy continues to improve things for people around the world.
        I am most definitely NOT in favor of any sort of world government!
        Yeah, I read a lot of those kinds of books. I see Orwell’s 1984 unfolding before my eyes daily. I think he wrote that book as a warning, not a roadmap!
        I’m very leery of how they’ve been using the word sustainability lately. I would like to see a world where people can all live a decent life along with all the other living things and also keep plenty of wild places for rest, recreation and just places to get away from it all.

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      • My wise friend said an interesting comment a while ago that your thinking has reminded me of: “People in developing countries seem to focus on quantity of children in their families while those in the ‘developed’ world focus on quality.” Now, you have to take this in context so it isn’t blatantly offensive. He has lived, worked in and studied in many developing countries and is one of the most open and respectful people I know. He also has an insatiable mind and listens to a ton of podcasts-this particular statement was inspired by one on the different family dynamics across the world. In developing countries, parents seem to have more children, whereas in developed countries they tend to have a couple that they invest their time and money into. Two different takes. Maybe if we got the quality of life to an equal point across the world this dynamic would even out to some sort of more sustainable level.
        In terms of places of wilderness and retreat, I absolutely agree that they must be protected. It would be tragic if all such places disappeares. I cant imagine what it would be like living knowing that no such places exist.

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  2. I know what you mean. That was why I commented earlier about the importance of raising the standards of living. I think in those really poor places, they never know if a child will survive, so they double down and have plenty. Just to make sure they’ll have a couple to help them in their old age.

    Same for the wild places. I think humans NEED a frontier. I think it’s part of our nature that we need some place to explore, to know we don’t know everything, to have space to roam. I think at this point we NEED to get serious about going to space. We don’t have enough left on Earth to fill that need. Also, we can send people out to colonize and help free up the drain on resources here. That would help. Plus, if something happened here (massive disease or something), we would have a safety net and at least some humans would make it to rebuild. (I read a lot of science fiction). 😉


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