Back to the Shop Again

I’ve had ENOUGH with this new computer!

I  only got this new one because none of my other ones have been working for 3+ months now. I can’t do anything online without constant extremely frustrating struggle.

The technicians keep telling me the problem is with my computer. I have no idea how that is possible, since I have an Apple, a Toshiba, an Asus, a Kindle, an iPod and now a new Lenovo (plus my friends 2 Apples) and they’re ALL having the same problem.

I’ve called and called and called, they’ve sent the repairmen at least a half dozen times. Nothing they’ve done has helped even slightly, except the last time when they actually found bats in the box up on the telephone pole (and full of bat shit).

They cleared it out and it helped some for a day or 2.

So, I went and bought a new computer (that I really can’t afford right now) just on the slight chance that it might be something with my computer(s). This new one does work slightly better as far as not constantly freezing up every 10 seconds (literally).

It has a different problem! It still freezes up, just not as constant. It only does it about every 3-5 minutes instead of every 10 seconds! The problem with it is, that in between the times it freezes up, it constantly changes the screen size.

For instance, I’ll be trying to read my email on yahoo and I have it set at 100%. All by itself (even when I am just reading and not touching the computer), the screen size will suddenly blast up to 250% and then shrink to 10% and all in between too. While I try to change it back to 100%, it eventually allows that but DAMN it pisses me off!

SO, I’m taking it back to Best Buy and hope to hell the Geek Squad can at least fix the screen size changing issue.

Maybe after that, I can deal with trying to work on something productive again?


12 thoughts on “Back to the Shop Again

  1. At risk of sounding like the “get off my lawn!” guy, technology kinda sucks. People steal your info, we are tied to it for everything, and we are nearly paralyzed when it hits the fan. I like the days pre-Internet/wifi in many ways.

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    • yeah, I totally agree with you! It’s great when it works perfectly (but how often is that?), but it SUCKS when it doesn’t!
      Also, it makes it SO much easier for people to really, really screw up your life (identity thieves, etc), and it also speeds up the entire pace of life. I remember when I first started going to sea. We used to have to go ashore, find a telephone office and wait (maybe for a couple of hours) to call home from overseas. I remember getting mail when we got to port and how we all really looked forward to it. I remember that companies actually understood that sometimes things did get lost in the mail and that it took longer for a check to be sent from overseas, they didn’t automatically cut my lights off if my check was a couple of days late! Now, everybody wants and expects instant results. If you don’t have internet access you’re looked at like you’re a real throwback. 😦
      At this point, I’m trying to change careers from being at sea all the time (ONLY because I’m being forced out), to basically an online business. I’m trying to find ways to earn money from blogging, photography, and writing. So, at this point I am TOTALLY dependent on the internet and computer.
      I’m almost ready to throw in the towel sometimes with all the crap lately. Sitting here at home for over 3 months now and not able to get anything accomplished. I don’t think I’d have the patience or temperance to go back to doing those things the old way.
      I REALLY don’t want to wind up working the rest of my life at Walmart which is pretty much the only other option I can think of right now. I’m only ‘qualified’ to work at sea, none of my licenses, skills, etc transfer to anything on the beach. 😦

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