Having computer issues! I can’t believe it! After calling dozens of times, 5 visits from technicians, 1 visit from IT gurus, 4 different modems, replacing interior and exterior lines….. I STILL can’t connect to the internet!

I’ve tried 8 different devices, NONE of them work!

Do I need to move to McDonalds or what???


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  1. Hell, I thought we had problems, yet only Hubby could connect at McDs as it didn’t want to know me! Have you just got no connection or a bad signal? The wifi here is free but we are a considerable distance away from the router on the outside wall. We purchased a signal enhancer for each of us, and that seems to help, though at busy times (like now) our service is dropping in and out like a yoyo as everyone is linking in for TV, films, or surfing like us.


    • bad signal I guess, it constantly (like every 2 minutes sometimes) locks up, freezes, won’t let me do ANYTHING.
      I moved the modem to the LR, now is 3 ft from my laptop. It still does the same thing.
      It’s not a public wi fi, its got a security code, so I don’t think its because of other people joining in. I do have 2 other people here with me now, but even when they’re not home, it still does the same thing. Does the same to their devices too.
      My computer works fine at McDonalds, work, hotels, etc. It only has problems here at home and it only just started doing this about 2 months ago. Before that, it was rock solid, I never had a single problem in over 13 yrs with Juno. Since all this, I switched to ATT since I thought they might be better, but it’s still the same.


      • Hubby has suggested it may be your router, or you run a broadband test and ‘ping test’ (direct check between you and the nearest active hub) as it could be your line is being ‘shared’ even though your wifi isn’t. He’s used
        Could be a starting point.
        You could also install a wireless network watcher to check if someone is piggybacking off your router on the sly. Any help?

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      • thanks, I’m hardwired into it and still does the same thing. All techs have checked and they see no problem (may or may not have been doing it when they checked). IT guys said it was the modem.
        I’ll research ping test and see if that does anything.

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  3. I feel your pain. When I was visiting my son in China I had to go to Starbucks in order to get wifi reliable enough to call my husband on Skype. Even there I couldn’t access my gmail. It is hard to be out of touch.
    Best wishes for a speedy resolution that doesn’t cost the earth.


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