Songs of the Sea: The Tide is High

Here’s a good one for my Songs of the Sea series. The Tide is High by Blondie. I remember it from when I was a kid.

I thought of it today cause I was talking to an old friend earlier and she was telling me about how high the tide was down at the beach this afternoon.

There was a big party (surfers reunion) planned and we were wondering how all that water everywhere was going to affect things.

I used to be so into stuff like that. I loved to go to parties and meet new people. I was never into dancing much, but I liked to listen to the music and even used to play a little guitar and sing.

I guess I’m getting old. I’m too paranoid to go out anymore. I just can’t deal with the cops. I don’t like to be around big crowds of people I don’t know. I’ve pretty much forgotten how to play guitar, and my voice has sure gone to hell. 😦

Hopefully the tide goes down enough for the party to go on. Somehow I doubt a little extra water on the beach will slow it down much. 😉