A to Z: Ensco

I’m doing the A to Z Challenge. To post everyday (except Sundays) through April, one for each letter of the alphabet. Today’s post is Ensco.

Ensco is a drilling company. I’ve spent a couple of years working on a few of their drilling rigs. I’ve never been hired directly by Ensco (tho I wouldn’t have minded that). I was working as an independent contractor. So when they needed someone to fill in, they would call and I would go out to work.

I first started with them on a couple of rig moves on the Deep Ocean Mendocino (later renamed DS-5). Later I was hurricane master on the Ensco 8506 (semisubmersible). I brought it out of the shipyard to get it checked out and then on to it’s first well.

Ensco 8506

Ensco 8506

THAT was a great job! I really enjoyed my time there and was sorry it ended.

Ensco found enough of their own people so that they didn’t need to use fill ins anymore. I think that’s the same for every company in the oilfield at this point.

I’m sure most people are hoping the gas price doesn’t go back up anytime soon. I’m one of the few who’s hoping it does. I probably won’t be going back to work until it does. 😦


4 thoughts on “A to Z: Ensco

  1. Jill, your love of your former work is obvious. I hope something opens up for you soon. In the meantime, what will you do for income? Although many jobs only pay minimum wage or slightly better, there should be some seasonal ones like at garden centers or lawn maintenance, or clerk positions (always available) and you could do some substitute teaching. I don’t have any other suggestions without knowing your skills. Have you spoken with someone at the Employment Security Commission in your area? Keep your head up! You have much life left to live.

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    • Thanks Linda. Yes, I am getting a little frustrated and depressed. It is very stressful. I have been to the unemployment office, they have nothing for my skill set. I don’t really want to try and get hired for a ‘permanent’ job when I know I will leave as soon as something offshore opens up. That wouldn’t really be fair to the employer. Besides, I am trying to use this time to sell my photography and art online. It would help ALOT if I could get my computer and internet working right! Since they’re not, all this time at home is mostly just being wasted and I’m not able to accomplish much of anything.
      I thank you for your concern. I’m really not totally broke yet, so I have more options than most. I have some savings, I am going through that fairly quickly but if/when I go back offshore I can fill it right back up again. I also have some rental property, so that pays for almost all the bills there. I just have to find a way to cover my own expenses. I have found a job working a few days/month as a role player. That helps.
      I just put my beach house up for sale. If it sells quickly, before I have to pay for the taxes and insurance there, I’ll be happy for a while with the financial situation.


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