Sunday Struggles

No posts for the A to Z challenge on Sundays. Good thing, cause my internet is still not working right and drops off constantly. At least it’s coming on now and then. It’s been completely gone for the last 4 days. Now I only have to wait for the new modem to show up (3-5 business days- no overnight delivery!), set it up correctly and then MAYBE I can get my internet working properly again after almost a month!

I’ve been trying to download Open Office for the last 8 hours and STILL can’t get it to go all the way til the end! Same thing for Adobe Lightroom.

I finally got my computer back from the shop on Friday and hoping to have everything working correctly. I knew I was going to have to download and re-install all the programs I use, since they can’t be moved from the old hard drive to the new one. I didn’t figure it would be that big of a problem.

Today was my first chance to try it out and nope. I’ve lost ALL of my pictures! I hope to hell they’re still on the old hard drive, but that still means I’ll have to take the computer back to the shop so they can take it all apart again to reinstall the old hard drive and copy those pictures over. Jeeze!

It seems that for everything I TRY to do, there are 15 roadblocks thrown in my way. I hate to be so negative on here all the time, but this is the only outlet I have, other than screaming at the walls and throwing my computer across the room.

All I am trying to do is to get a working computer in the house! I have 5 of them! I am only trying to get ONE of them to the point where I can write, research and edit my photographs. It really shouldn’t be so hard.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Struggles

      • only have 2, doesn’t work on either, but my thumb drives work on both. It was working before I took the computer to the shop. I’m thinking maybe it needs the driver downloaded again? Now that the internet is at least working part time, I might be able to make some progress with that!
        Do you happen to know anything about word fence or any other plug in or widget that could be blocking people from signing on to follow me?
        I’ve spent all day with a friend trying to help me figure out what’s going on with my new blog. He can like and follow me very easily from a link that pops up when you click on a like button on a post. Very hard to do when he fills in any of the forms on the right sidebar (I’ve added another just to see if it works better). But he’s already been a follower for a couple of years. I know you signed up again too, but you’ve also been a subscriber for a long time.
        I’ve just turned off everything I could think off as far as security and it’s still blocking people. It says it’s “malicious login attempt”. Do you have any ideas?
        I’ve also been checking my hostgator and mail chimp accounts and hostgator tells me I’ve had tons of visitors but they don’t show up on my blog. Mail chimp shows more than the blog but nowhere near as many as hostgator. Any ideas for me?
        Appreciate any help!


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