The Call

I saw this post on Facebook today and thought to myself “yep, that’s about right.”

I never thought I’d be this upset about being out of work, I’ve been through a couple of busts in the oilfield before and prepared for this one as best I could. I’m a lot better off than most people who’ve been laid off over the last year. But after 6 months without even a couple of days offshore, the stress is getting to me. It’s hard to think straight when financial pressure is always nagging at the back of your mind.

I think we’d ALL feel about like this guy when we get the call. 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Call

    • yeah, me too! the sooner the better!!
      I am going to work tomorrow for a couple of days in Houston. They have a few days a month for me up there, this will be the first work since before Christmas. It will pay at least a couple of bills. 🙂


  1. I was out of work for 4 months following redundancy in 2001. It was the most depressing time of my life, and the attitude of the Job Centre staff didn’t help. I applied for hundreds of jobs, got little response, and when I did, the ususl questions were ‘Why are you looking for a job paying so much less than your previous salary’ or ‘Why do you want to work part time’ or ‘You’re over qualified’ but the worst by a temp agency ‘You’re the wrong shape’.
    I finally landed a job paying less than halfof what I had been earning, but it was work, and having used my redundancy pay to halve our mortgage, we managed.
    Your work is much more specialised than mine (have pen, with travel), but hang in there. Something will turn up. 🙂

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    • I know exactly what you mean! It is the same here for me.
      I am not even eligible for ‘redundancy pay’ (we call it unemployment pay here) because my last job before I got laid off was out of a foreign country. I’ve only paid into the system for about 40 years, but when I finally need it, I can’t get it. 😦
      I have some part time work up in Houston (3 hours driving back and forth). It pays better than anything I’ll get here and it’s pretty flexible. They know what I normally do and they’re fine with me leaving any time I get a ‘real’ job. The only thing is, they don’t have enough work. This is the first they’ve had for me since before Christmas. That’s one of the reasons I decided to go take the TEFL course in Mexico. I wouldn’t be missing out on any paying work.
      I just keep hoping the job I came home for will actually start soon! It’s already been delayed over 2 weeks. Maybe they’ll be ready sometime this week.


      • We have unemployment money (dole) here, but there are strings attached before you succeed in your claim. Redundancy is different, as this was paid out by the company I was made redundant from, not being my fault they chose to relocate. My final wage packet equated to over a year’s salary thanks to that, my normal month’s wages, and another for a retention bonus (sadly taxable) for staying on an extra 6 months to train my successor.
        Hope the work market sorts something out for you soon. 🙂

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      • WOW! That’s a GREAT package! We have something like that too. We call it ‘severance pay’. It’s really pretty rare here (except for high ups in the big corporations). I’ve only had that once in my career. I got 3 months pay + ‘help’ to find a new job. The only people here likely to get a years pay would be big wigs like CEOs, CFOs, etc.
        The only strings for our unemployment are that you have to show them that you’re looking for work. So many phone calls, or applications filled out, etc. Plenty of people still scam the system. It’s not hard to do.
        I’ve gone on unemployment once in over 40 years of working. It took me the full 6 months of available benefits, but only because I was really trying to get one specific job and it took them that long to run the background check. They give benefits for longer than 6 months now. At one point it was up to 2 yrs, I think they’ve shortened it up again. I think only 1 yr now, but I’m not sure since I can’t get them.
        I’m not eligible now because my last employment was for a foreign company, so I guess that is another ‘string’ I never knew about before.
        It’s not much money they give out, but it’s enough to survive on and it sure would help.

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      • I did very well, and put the money to good use. Mind you, I feel I earned every penny! I’m also glad I took my pension at 50, which although not very much, is at least something and I will get that for life. In theory, it’s costing the company more since I left that the 12 and a half years I worked for them!!


    • yes, it’s been very very slow offshore. I don’t think I’ll get much work til the price of oil goes up and stabilizes.
      I’m very lucky I have some savings and other income, but it’s still really stressful.
      I hope you find something soon. What kind of work are you looking for?


      • Thanks. My background is in Tourism and Marketing admin. I have some casual copy writing work but it’s been pretty slow. And I must admit I’ve backed off the job hunting the last six months for family reasons. Hopefully when the time is right something will come up. Like you too, I hope.

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