This song by Adele has been pretty popular for a while now. I like it, but I think this parody (SNL did one too) is pretty good. I like their sense of humor. Really silly. 😉



No Green Beer

I went to the St Patrick’s Day Parade at Surfside Beach yesterday. There were plenty of Jello Shots going around, but no green beer this year. 😦

I went home early, too paranoid to stick around. Going over the bridge after dark is much too dangerous for me now. I can’t deal with the cops!

I got a lot of good photos (look for them here soon as I can get them uploaded). The weather turned out to be beautiful! Sunny, temps around 80, and a little breezy. I stopped on the way home to take pictures of the wildflowers just starting to come out. Texas is just gorgeous this time of year!


Thanks to everyone who tried to help me figure out what’s going on with my subscribe/follow/like buttons.

I will follow up on some of your suggestions when I can and hopefully will find a solution soon. 🙂