Trumped Up

While driving up to Houston this morning for the company required UKOG physical, I was listening to my favorite radio station (KPFT). They had a talk show on where they were making a huge big deal out of Donald Trump’s re-tweeting a certain quote.


This is news today?

Apparently someone was trying to ‘trick’ Trump into re-tweeting quotes by Mussolini

Update, 11:45 a.m.: Gawker revealed it was their doing. The website created a bot in December to periodically spit out Mussolini quotes and credit them to Trump, hoping the presidential hopeful would eventually retweet them. “At the time of the account’s creation, Gawker Media Executive Editor John Cook expressed some concern that the joke behind the account was far too obvious, and wouldn’t trick anyone but a complete idiot,” writes Gawker’s Alex Pareene.

I’m not really sure what the point of that exercise was. Unless it was to create the kind of silly media firestorm that was going on this morning.

They were going on about would Trump endorse a quote by David Duke (former KKK leader), since he apparently endorsed a quote by Mussolini. I say, SO WHAT if he did!?

I’m not a big fan of Trump. I think he’s a jerk. I don’t think he would make a good President, but I think the same thing about all the rest of the republicrats running. I have no problem with the media attacking a candidate on real issues. Attack Trump on the Wall, on his temper and how he thinks he would deal with foreign leaders. But a retweet on twitter? About an outlook on life? Simply because of WHO said it before? WTF???

First of all, here’s the quote…

“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

Will somebody please tell me what’s wrong with that? I mean the content, not who originally happened to say it.

Hey, I would say that myself! I DO feel that way. I don’t understand all the people who would rather live like sheep. I don’t get that mindset at all.

To me, life is about living the way YOU want to live YOUR life! It’s NOT about following the leader, never taking chances or never having any responsibility.

This is the way I feel about life…

What’s the deal now? We can never express a view that someone we despise now happened to express in the past? Can’t some people we hate now have had some good ideas?

Does liking a quote somebody said once, mean that you love and endorse everything that person ever said or did?

I hope not, but that’s the way the media is playing it. Seems like the way the media plays it is the way most Americans see things.

Living like a lion means thinking for YOURSELF! It means living YOUR life in freedom, the way we were all meant to live.

Here’s a link to one story about it, here’s another. You can google Trumps Mussolini quote if you really want to read more about it. I’ll leave you with one more graphic (none of these are mine- they all come straight off google).

Let me know what you think, do you think they should make a big deal out of WHO said something rather than WHAT they said? Do you think Trump is a jerk? Why or why not? What about the rest of the republicrats? What do you think about the lion vs sheep idea? Would you rather live like a lion or a sheep? Why or why not? No need to go into why you can’t live like a lion (if that’s your preference). I already understand that well enough. 😉


15 thoughts on “Trumped Up

  1. Politics as usual. The quote is an upbeat statement. That it can be attributed to Mussolini is a political ploy. No matter what the saying or event, if your opponent’s use of it can be tied to one of history’s villains, then that opponent can be portrayed as supporting said villain. “My opponent said that he loves mom and apple pie. Adolph Hitler loved his mom and ate apple pie as often as he could, therefore my opponent is an anti-semite.” Politics.

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    • yep, politics is a very dirty game. I keep wondering why in the world so many people fall into the trap of believing that we MUST have somebody ELSE running things. They insist that they can run their own lives just fine, but nobody else can run theirs. It drives me nuts!


  2. Politics…… it’s bad enough over here with the lethargic public referred to as ‘sheeple’ because they follow the one in front haviing no idea why. We’re all being brainwashed with b-s to believe something today that tomorrow will be proven to be a bunch of lies. Like your republicrats, we have no decent alternative………….

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    • yes, it sounds just the same here. We have an awful lot of sheeple too, in fact a HUGE majority!
      We do actually have a decent alternative, but the media refuses to let them on the air, or publicize them in any way except to call them a bunch of nutjobs whenever they do make it into the news. It’s sad, since they really would do a lot to help fix things here.
      I am a big supporter of the alternative parties and especially the libertarians. They are basically the same as our founding fathers. The amount of hatred spewed towards the libertarian party today shows just how far we have come from the ideals this country was founded on. It makes me so sad. And angry. And frustrated. And depressed. I feel like a jew in Germany watching Hitler come to power. 😦

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    • I think the media is trashing Trump like they do every non-establishment candidate.
      I don’t think Trump would make a good president, but it’s not really the medias job to choose the winners and losers, they’re supposed to just report the facts and let the public make up their minds based on that. The media hasn’t been doing that for a long, long time!

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      • I agree. They do trash him, but he seems immune to it. I judge him by his actions and his lack of specificity on issues. I also despise his position on immigration. In our high-technology civilization, there has to be a better way than building a giant wall. He’s not qualified to be president. That being said, I’m not sure any of the current crop of candidates are overly qualified.

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      • Yeah, he’s pretty much an egomaniac. I think his wall idea is idiotic! But people are sick and tired of the situation with illegal immigration (or at least the way the media spins it- personally I don’t think it’s really as bad as they make it out to be). I do have to say I am not for importing a bunch of muslims, not until there’s some way to tell if they’re true believers or not!
        I don’t get that comment about qualifications. Obama was not qualified either. Bush jr wasn’t qualified. Carter? Ford? Lyndon Johnson?? The only specific qualifications are a NATURAL born US citizen, 35 yrs old. I think we would be better off with just picking a name out of the hat than the people we get now running for office.
        The system encourages power hungry, greedy people who then have to sell themselves to the highest bidder- except billionaires like Trump.
        With that system, I don’t know what else we’re going to get. We certainly can’t expect any DECENT people with any real respect for the constitution to even bother to TRY.

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      • I agree with the wall thing. Back when my grandparents came over from Italy, we had Ellis Island as a screening facility. Was it the best and did we catch everyone who shouldn’t have been let in? Probably not, but now we have the technology and I think the money that would go to a wall could be better spent. You’re right about the others not being qualified, but Trump is a different animal. The illegal alien situation is not good, but it also brings many people into this country that perform jobs that Americans wouldn’t want to do. I honestly don’t think that the office of president is what it used to be. With Congress stalling every bit of legislation, it doesn’t matter who is in the office if they can’t get anything through. The system isn’t what our forefathers intended. Until we have term limits and better accountability among our politicians, it will continue to be the way it is.

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      • for sure it’s not what it was intended to be, but until we can get the public to vote out their so-called representatives (re-elected over 98% EVERY election), then it will never change. We need to change what we’re doing if we want to see different results. Personally, I see NO hope of anything good coming from either of the major parties.
        Most people just won’t look past the party label. That’s what I mean by the public needing to change first before we can fix anything.
        I see education as the biggest issue. But with government schools almost completely in charge of education, I don’t see any hope for people getting any real education either. Not til they’re old enough to get out of school and maybe a few might still have enough motivation to go online for a REAL education (or seek it out from mentors around them).
        I have to say, I don’t really see any hope at all of this country improving. I’m doing all I can to get out before it completely falls apart. I miss my freedom!

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  3. What do I think about the “Rebublicrats”? They are their worst enemy and as a whole, yes, they are jerks. Only jerks act towards each other as they do. Individually or “on the beach” so to speak they are like all of us, we all can be jerks.
    “It’s well UNDERSTOOD the GOOD are HALF BAD and the BAD are HALF GOOD.”


    • true enough, we call all be jerks, but most of us aren’t running for office so we can run everybody else’s life for them.
      Personally, I don’t think ANY of the current crop should be allowed to have the office of dog catcher!
      Too bad we have to have a president. I would be perfectly happy without one.


  4. Illegal immigration was not the problem it is today when the original Bracero program was in effect. Workers came into the country under contract while their families stayed home. When the contract was over they took their wages and went back to their families. Absent the program they could no longer easily cross the border and so it became more attractive to bring the families and live in the shadows on this side. The simplest solution sort of screams out at you, doesn’t it?

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