Cancelled Class

I got up at 0530 this morning to get ready for my 0700 class. I was in the classroom, had my whiteboard ready and my CD cued up. Then I waited nervously for my students to show up.

They skipped class today.

OK with me, but that means I have to double up tomorrow. AND, it means I’ll have to wake up early again. I’m NOT a morning person. 😦

I have my lesson plan ready for the 0700 class, I’ll just use the one I wrote for this morning’s class since we didn’t have class. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out which other class I’ll be teaching (tomorrow evening) and then spend time in the afternoon preparing the lesson plan for that one.


10 thoughts on “Cancelled Class

    • Here too. But this is not a government school, it is a language institute. The students are all choosing to come here on their own and paying to come here. Most of them are older and working. Sometimes their work interferes. Most of them are fairly poor and so it’s not held against them if they have to work. We will just put them in a different class if we have to so they can catch up on their studies when they can get here.
      Today, both my students from yesterday showed up. They both had to work yesterday. We just did the lesson from yesterday this morning instead. No problem.

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    • If this was a regular (state run) school, I might do that. This is a language institute where the students all come here by their own free choice. They pay (a lot for them) to come here and most of them are working in order to do that.
      The people who run the school just move the students to a class where they can do the work if they have to. Today both my students from yesterday showed up (they both had to work yesterday), so no problem. I just did the same class with them today that I was going to do yesterday. I did give them some homework tho. That way, if they’re going to miss class again, at least they’ll have something to do in their spare time to keep them thinking about English. They have no exposure to it outside of the classroom here.

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