More Malecon

Another beautiful day and a sunset on the Malecon.

Saturday was a busy day on the beach, there were a lot of entertainers out today. I saw people dressed up and playing statues, aliens, clowns. There were lots of local families out along with the tourists. All the restaurants and food stands were busy. It’s a great place to chill out and watch the sunset.

4 thoughts on “More Malecon

    • So far class is OK, we start getting harder soon. I will have 1 more observation Monday at 0700 and then start teaching practice Tuesday same time. I’m nervous.
      We also have our 1st essay due on Thursday, so really Wed night so the teacher can read them and give them back Thurs. I guess that means I need to do mine on Tuesday, Monday I will be busy writing my lesson plan.

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      • Thanks Linda. I always forget to smile when I’m nervous. I’m always nervous when I’m around people I don’t know well.
        I can get up and sing karaoke, but only after I’ve had a few drinks. 😉


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