My New Mexican Home

Puerta Vallarta is much larger than I expected, I can see it will take quite a while to explore. I have started learning my new neighborhood. It seems pretty nice and quiet here.

my place is just above where those people are

my place is just above where those people are

my (shared) apartment

my (shared) apartment

The school is right across the square. The laundromat is right next door to the school. There are a couple of small stores and restaurants right downstairs. An ice cream shop on one corner and a pizzeria on the other. An office depot a block one way and a bank with good exchange rates and ATM a block the other way, with an organic coffee shop right next door.

2 (big) slices and a beer for 50 pesos ($2.85)

2 (big) slices and a beer for 50 pesos ($2.85)

The beach is only about 2 blocks away.

But be careful of this guy on the way.

crocodile? or alligator? which is it?

I think I’m going to like it here. 🙂


10 thoughts on “My New Mexican Home

      • Another way to look at the mnemonic, the letter “A” is pointed, the letter “C” is round. When it comes to the initials of the animals in question, their noses are the opposite. C is for alligator, A is for crocodile. Confused yet? Let me continue……

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      • I got it. 🙂 I went back by there today, got a little bit closer, I still can’t tell for sure, but it looks more like a crocodile to me. My teacher says they call them caimans, which I know we have at the zoo, but they are a type of crocodile with very long, narrow jaws and long, thin teeth. This one did not look the same at all. I’ll try to post a better picture later, IF I can get one!
        I don’t want to walk down the path on his side of the creek, I know alligators can move very fast when they want to, I assume crocs can too.


    • yes, it’s beautiful. I’m loving it so far. I am a little concerned about the English training. I sure don’t remember all that grammar from school!
      Are you also doing TEFL and traveling? I assume from your name that you are. Where are you now?


    • It’s gorgeous here! I think the cost of living is very low compared to the states.
      I don’t need a car so that saves a lot, apartments seem to be around $450/month for the pretty nice ones. Food is about the same or cheaper to buy in stores, eating out is much cheaper. For sure don’t need heat in the winter, but I’m sure I would need AC in summer. I could definitely see myself spending more time here. 🙂

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