Today’s prompt for the Just Jot It January challenge is: surreptitiously.

That’s another hard one. I had to look it up to see exactly what it meant. 😉

1.obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth; secret or unauthorized;clandestine:
a surreptitious glance.
2.acting in a stealthy way.
3.obtained by subreption; subreptitious.

The only thing I can really think of to post about on that word is the US government. Instead of the way it’s supposed to act- honestly, openly and in the best interest of the American people, it acts behind closed doors, surreptitiously, and usually not in the best interests of the American people. In fact, usually it acts very much against our interests!

Our government has been taken over by special interests. Interests with BIG money. So much money that no politician is able to turn it down and do the job they were put there to do (protect the constitution). Instead, they take the money and pretend to the people that they do their jobs (sometimes not even that). They only do what their biggest donors pay them to do!

They sneak around behind closed doors and do whatever the hell they feel like! They all swore an oath to defend the constitution. But almost everything they do now is UN-constitutional! From the really big things like Obamacare, or abdicating their responsibility in Congress to actually debate and declare a war, or allowing the sickening (UN)Patriot(ic) Act, to the ‘little’ things like allowing thousands of un-elected bureaucrats to make ‘laws’ to run every tiny little detail of our lives.

Yeah, they pretty much have to act surreptitiously, otherwise the American people might actually wake up to their disgusting dereliction of duty and throw them all out (like we OUGHT TO)!


10 thoughts on “Government

  1. So Jill, how do you really feel about government? Seriously, you have articulated the problem very well. This is not a new problem, it goes back all the way to the founding of the Union. It worsened with the ending of WWII and the onset of globalization. What we are seeing is the effect of piling on year after year as laws were written to ease the movement of industry from the USA to offshore locations resulting in a shrinking middle class and more and more programs to appease the unemployed and underemployed in order to silence mass dissent. People say that we are in danger of becoming Sweden. i think the danger is that we are likely to become more like Mexico.

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    • Thanks!
      Yeah, I know it goes way back. It’s part of human nature, where some people always want to rule over others. Some people are perfectly happy letting others rule over them.
      Yes, the situation with the rules and regulations has been building up for decades, especially since globalization. We seem to have forgotten our reason for being as a country.
      I don’t think we have the financial backing to be like Sweden anymore. We grew our previous prosperity because of the amount of personal liberty we had in years past. We’ve been sucking down the principle for decades and have hardly anything left. Even Sweden is starting to realize they can’t continue to take care of everything and everybody from birth to death!
      I think Mexico has actually turned itself around and is starting to move in the right direction. If they actually legalize (and so get rid of the drug lords crime), then they will be in pretty good shape. I see lots of opportunities down south.
      Funny, we’re always going on about Mexicans coming up here to ‘steal our jobs’, it’s looking pretty likely that I’ll be heading down to Mexico soon to steal some of theirs!

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      • I agree on legalization but have you noticed that in the so-called “war on drugs” we attack the manufacturers in the areas where the plants are grown and attack the growers where manufacturing takes place? For so long as illegal drugs contribute a major portion of the GNP of several nations the “war” will continue to be fought to a tie. We can’t allow them to default on their loans from the international banking community.

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      • Good observations, I hadn’t really paid any attention to that. My focus has been on how many people lives they’ve destroyed with their war on drugs (people who chose to use DIFFERENT drugs).
        I’m sure, now that they’ve jacked the prices up so high with their wars on drugs they can still make PLENTY of $$ off the taxes if they legalize.
        The money would just go to the thugs in suits (politicians) instead of the ones running around on the streets
        Of course, they might not be able to make as much off the prisons then.

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  2. We can make lots of money on the taxes but the people in Central America can’t. That’s the problem. Their economies have grown dependent on drug income. For the most part the coca farmers have no fall back cash crop should they lose the ability to grow coca at the volume currently being done. This problem was not created by the street dealers or the end users, it comes straight from the international banking community and various complicit governments.

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