El Marinero y La Sirena

I’ve been reading Texas Music magazine the last couple of days and saw an article about Patricia Vonne. She sounded like someone I just had to learn more about so I looked her up on youtube and found the perfect video for my Songs of the Sea series. 🙂

This song about the sailor and the mermaid is very pretty. Patricia has a beautiful voice and I like the Spanish style music. The guitar and maracas are soothing, but I think this would also make a good song to dance to. I love Spanish/Latin music and dancing! Tango, flamenco, salsa, cumbia, conjunto, rumba, merengue, even mariachi!

I love it all! I only wish I could dance!! (I suck at dancing, I’m clumsy as hell.) 😦

The song’s story is nice too (tho I don’t understand the Spanish well enough really- I had to look up the translation). The sailor is saved from the shark by the mermaid and they fall in love. Simple love story, but the artwork makes it different and more interesting.

El Marinero y La Sirena

(*Patricia Vonne / Michael Martin)
Fue forzado a caminar la tabla*
Se zambullo en el agua helada
Clavado debajo del galeon español
Sintio un golpe brutal
Descendiendo en la oscuridad
Sintio un abrazo fuerte
De dedos tenaces al girar
Con un beso de la vida
El marinero y la sirena
Pertenecen al mar tan negro
Oyen el llanto del destino
Un amor ardiente y herido
El esta destinado a navegar sobre el mar
Espumoso del amor
Y ella a nadar leguas abajo
Su corazon naufragado nunca podra saber
La allegria de nadar con su amor verdadero
Su amor es un tesoro
Que brilla mas puro que el oro
Cuando veas caer una estrella mi hechicera
Recuerdame mi sirena
Aunque perteneces al mar ven conmigo
Sere tu refugio con permiso
En mi dolor hay esperanza mi marinero
Que el amor no es fatal solo sincero
Oye el llanto del destino mi carino
Desde el fondo del mar donde vivo

The Mariner and the Mermaid (English translation)

He was forced to walk the plank
plunging into the icy waters
nailed beneath the Spanish galleon
He felt a crushing blow
descending into the darkness
he felt a warm embrace of tenacious fingers
spinning to the surface with a kiss of life
the sailor & the mermaid
belong to the sea
hear the cry of destiny
of an ardent wounded love
he is destined to sail
above love’s foamy sea
And she, to swim leagues below
his shipwrecked heart can never know
the joy of swimming w/ his true love
their love is a treasure that shines
brighter than gold
when you see a falling star, my enchantress
remember me, my little mermaid
even though you belong to the sea, come with me
I will be your refuge
in my sorrow there is hope, my sailor
that love is not fatal but sincere
Listen to the cry of destiny
at the bottom of the sea where I live

Today’s post for Just Jot It January. 🙂


Any comment? questions? suggestions? Speak up!

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