Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January is: skulls. I know some people are really into them. I’m not. But I have seen some really cool artwork done with skulls. I mentioned this one before, it was just fantastic!

plasticine on wood by Grupo Mondongo

plasticine on wood by Grupo Mondongo

This group of Argentinian artists created this huge skull (its a couple of feet taller than I am) out of plasticine. It’s incredibly detailed, full of all kinds of images out of our common culture. Historical figures, religious figures, movie stars, etc.

They must have spent ages putting this thing together. I wouldn’t have the patience, but I’m glad they did. 🙂

It really is a beautiful work of art.

Check out this video I found on Youtube (warning: some nudes, explicit sexual images, in the art shown, don’t watch if you’re going to get upset over that kind of thing!). It’ll give you a better idea of their work. I’m very rarely impressed by modern art, but these guys really impressed me. I would love to see more of their stuff!

PS- the featured image for this post is another art installation at the MFAH. It’s in the tunnel between different parts of the museum. It’s called “The Light Inside” by artist James Turrell.

Any comment? questions? suggestions? Speak up!

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