Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January is: effortless. I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to do with me that’s been effortless, other than gaining weight!

I certainly never had to make any effort at all to do that. In fact, I make all kinds of efforts to reverse the trend and yet no matter how many efforts I make, the pounds just keep on piling on.

People mostly think it takes some kind of effort to gain weight. You have to eat “a lot”, “like a pig”, ‘too many sweets”, “lie around like a sloth”, “couch potato”, “lazy bum”,  etc. But nope, not really.

All the ‘authorities’ have to say is: “calories in = calories out”. Nope, that’s most definitely NOT the way it works for me!

I wish it were that simple. I really wish it was. If it was as effortless to lose weight as it is to gain it, that would be wonderful. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Effortless

    • yep, they say don’t give up, but I get soooooo tired of the constant ‘diet’ in the back of my head, even if I decide to ‘cheat’. I’ve been fat not for over 40 years and at this point, I really don’t see the point of trying to lose it any more, but I don’t want to get even bigger, so I keep on trying.
      It’s sad. I LOVE to eat, and drink, and enjoy all of life. I HATE to diet, and I just don’t really like a lot of the food they say is ‘good for you’. Trying to stick to just eating that crap all the time is like torture!! I’d rather stay fat and die young than subject myself to that all day every day!

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  1. Calories in, calories burned. It doesn’t seem that way at all. I do like a lot of healthy things. I eat peas all summer and apples all fall, but I also eat sweets and I only dream of a world where losing weight were as easy and effortless as gaining it.
    Good luck to us both though because we should strive for balance.

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    • Yes, balance is usually good. I’m with you on that dream!
      You might not believe this, but I went back to college to be a chemical engineer. I wanted to create a diet pill that REALLY worked! Like take one to lose a pound, it would stay gone forever. Take another to gain it back. Wish now I knew better what I was getting myself into! I changed majors as soon as I learned what chemical engineering was all about. I probably should have stuck with it, just for the employment prospects. I have a math degree but have never seen a job that would use that (except teaching which would require going back to school AGAIN- no thanks!). I live in the middle of a bunch of chemical plants so ALWAYS work for chemical engineers! ANY kinds of engineers always seem to have work, but I really don’t feel like going back to school again, nor can I afford it.
      I suppose since I’m not working, I should go work out, but I always find something other to do than THAT! 😉

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