JusJoJan: Robust

Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January is ‘robust’.

Up until a couple of months ago, I would’ve used that word to define the oilfield… “booming, powerful, potent, vigorous, prosperous, tough, roaring, rough, rugged, vital…” . Yes, it was all of those things.

Now, I don’t know what to call it. Busted maybe, but it’s certainly no longer “robust”. 😦

8 thoughts on “JusJoJan: Robust

      • He is learning welding…thank goodness his soon to be father in law is a tradesman in welding. He just refused to accept employment unless they let him bring an apprentice (my son) so finally they have study work. He is 26 and worked on rigs since 18 and it really hit him hard. He just bought new home prior year or so before. Had a baby. Ya know living the safe paycheck coming in good life. Then he watched we watched as it went down. Most don’t know how hard folks were hit when the rigs went down.

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      • glad he landed on his feet! you’re right, most people are loving the low price of gas, and I really can’t blame them. These low prices are good for everybody except those of us who work out there and depend on the oilfield to keep going. I haven’t had time to prepare for the renewable energy sources to take over!

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      • Exactly, I was riding along one day chatting on those lower prices and my son had to explain to me what it meant to him. I hope you are finding a place now that this crash has happened. Sounds like you were affected also. My best wishes to you. Yeah, renewable energy is good but there is always a but….

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      • oh yeah, they laid me off in Sept. I’m a master mariner with a DP ticket and can’t even find a job as a deckhand! I doubt there will be any work available offshore til the price goes back up again. I’m trying to find some way to survive for what might be years! I don’t think any of us were prepared for it to last as long as they’re saying it will this time.


      • Yeah I agree nobody was prepared for this. I wish you the best! BTW just visiting your blog and I think it’s very nice and so well put together. I will enjoy following you. I do mine from a cell app. Won’t even let me add an about me page….save save save for a computer. Until then mine will be a bit dull lol. Great talking to you!

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